USATF Junior National Championships (IN)

Another meet and another record for Walter Henning. Henning set a new national junior record with the 6kg hammer at this year’s USATF Junior National Championships at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. Henning had a very consistent series with a best throw of 73.59m (241’05”) on his fifth attempt. Henning set the previous record last season with a toss of 238’02”.

The USATF Junior Championships is open to any athlete who will not reach the age of 20 during the 2007 calendar year. As such, several college freshman took part in the competition. Former high school standout Emily Bernhardt won the girl’s competition. Senior Gabby Midles (Camas, WA), however, came close to the fin on her final throw by moving from fifth to second place and setting a new personal best in the process.

Men Hammer Throw
Top 8 Advance to Finals
World: W 81.34m 9/2/2001 Krisztian Pars, HUN
American: A 71.62m 6/23/2006 Walter Henning, NYHS
Meet: M 71.62m 6/22/2006 Walter Henning, New York HS
Name Year Team Finals
1 Walter Henning unattached 73.59mM 241-05
68.35m FOUL 71.49m 72.32m 73.59m 73.17m
2 Jordan Stray unattached 64.72m 212-04
61.38m 62.66m 63.39m 64.61m 57.39m 64.72m
3 Alan John unattached 64.59m 211-11
FOUL 54.52m 61.51m 60.81m 61.48m 64.59m
4 Michael Zajac South Carolina 63.83m 209-05
59.88m 61.47m FOUL FOUL 62.91m 63.83m
5 David Schiedt Georgia 62.96m 206-07
FOUL FOUL 60.70m 62.96m FOUL 60.65m
6 Ryan Loughney Tri- Valley 61.55m 201-11
58.44m 58.81m 56.21m 60.37m FOUL 61.55m
7 Zack Richards unattached 58.03m 190-05
57.51m FOUL FOUL FOUL 51.86m 58.03m
8 William Krokey Throw 1 Deep 56.98m 186-11
56.08m 55.20m 55.83m FOUL 55.61m 56.98m
9 Thomas Smith S I U C 55.61m 182-05
FOUL 53.93m 55.61m
10 Timothy Greene unattached 54.99m 180-05
54.84m FOUL 54.99m
11 Alexander Padgett unattached 54.69m 179-05
50.31m 54.69m FOUL
12 Matthew Megerdichian Saint Franci 54.46m 178-08
51.94m 52.73m 54.46m
13 Gregory Davis Throw 1 Deep 53.54m 175-08
53.54m FOUL 53.33m
14 Cody Cox Throw 1 Deep 53.35m 175-00
53.35m FOUL FOUL
15 Mitchell Gormley Throw 1 Deep 51.55m 169-01
51.55m FOUL 49.53m
16 Matthew Gac Buffalo 51.32m 168-04
51.32m FOUL FOUL
17 Josh Koglin unattached 50.34m 165-02
48.39m 50.34m FOUL
18 John Talbert unattached 49.89m 163-08
49.89m FOUL FOUL
19 Ian Nunya Northern Arizona 46.62m 152-11
46.62m FOUL FOUL
-- Wesley Wright Throw 1 Deep FOUL
-- Joseph Tiernan Connecticut FOUL
-- Daniel Paladion Air Force Academy DNS

Women Hammer Throw
Top 8 Advance to Finals
World: W 73.24m 6/24/2005 Zhang Wenxiu, CHN
American: A 61.44m 5/30/1998 Maureen Griffin, Idaho HS
Meet: M 59.40m 6/23/2000 Carrie Soong, UCLA
Name Year Team Finals
1 Emily Bernhardt Kentucky 53.61m 175-11
FOUL FOUL 52.47m FOUL 53.61m 52.59m
2 Gabriella Midles Camas Hammer Team 52.91m 173-07
47.70m 45.40m 49.90m FOUL 46.63m 52.91m
3 Allison Horner Throw 1 Deep 51.52m 169-00
50.34m FOUL 49.45m 51.52m FOUL FOUL
4 Meagan Berg unattached 50.69m 166-04
5 Patrice Gates Villa Rica T 49.96m 163-11
48.43m 49.96m 46.10m FOUL 47.71m FOUL
6 Irene Cooper unattached 47.98m 157-05
47.98m 46.47m 47.83m FOUL 45.48m 45.16m
7 Adesola Adeduro Throw 1 Deep 46.83m 153-08
46.83m FOUL 44.68m 45.78m 42.32m FOUL
8 Lauren Chambers Throw 1 Deep 46.23m 151-08
44.29m 46.23m 45.16m 43.20m 42.35m 45.80m
9 Jameena Hunt Fresno State 44.82m 147-00
42.08m 42.12m 44.82m
10 Tiphanie Baker Troy State 40.90m 134-02
FOUL FOUL 40.90m
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