Washington State Hammer Championships (WA)

Olivia Midles (Capital, Olympia, WA) and Zack Richards (Monroe, WA) both took home titles at Washington State High School Hammer Championships on Monday. After placed second the past two season, Richards easily outdistanced the field this year for the win. Midles not only won, but also set a new personal best and Washington State sophomore class record in the process.

8th Annual Washington State High School Hammer Championships
May 26, 2008
Centralia, WA

High School Girls

Place Name                  Class   School                      Distance	
1 Olivia Midles SO Capital, Olympia, WA 154'02" * !
2 Maddy Midles JR Camas, WA 140'04"
3 Jasmin Stray JR Centralia, WA 132'10"
4 Hillary Knight SR Camas, WA 111'03"
5 Grace Copper JR Centralia, WA 104'06" *
6 Sophie Hallam Eames FR Nathen Hale, Seattle, WA 92'00" *
7 Emily Barr JR Centralia, WA 91'04"
8 Christina Kellog SO Ballard, Seattle, WA 84'10" *
9 Elizabeth Wilson FR Centralia, WA 78'10"
10 Meagan Youngblood JR Camas, WA 76'01" *

High School Boys

Place Name                  Class   School                      Distance	
1 Zack Richards SR Monroe, WA 206'08"
2 Matt Lloyd SO Camas, WA 160'05" *
3 Cole Gibson SR Camas, WA 153'02"
4 Chris Gave JR Capital, Olympia, WA 148'08"
5 Bjorn Berkedal SR Nathan Hale, Seattle, WA 132'04" *
6 Dreck Orn SR Olympic, Bremerton, WA 120'10" *
7 David Prince JR Port Angeles, WA 101'02"
8 Andy Jowett SO Decatur, Federal Way, WA 97'01" *

* = Lifetime Best
! = New all time new Washington State High School Girl’s Sophomore Class State Record. The old mark of 152’11″ was held by Gabby Midles set in 2005.

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