USATF Junior National Championships (OH)

Walter Henning eclipsed his meet record by less than a foot at this year’s USATF Junior National Championships. Along with Conor McCullough, both qualified to represent the US at this year’s World Junior Championships in Poland. At the USATF Junior Championship, all athlets who will not turn 20 during the calendar year are eligible to compete. This allows college freshman such as Henning to compete. The men also throw a 6-kilogram hammer rather than the standard 12-pound high school hammer. Two college throwers, Irene Cooper and D’Ana McCarty qualified for the women’s world team.

USATF Junior National Championships
June 20-22, 2008
Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Men Hammer Throw
Name Year Team Finals
1 Walter Henning L S U 73.87mA 242-04
2 Conor McCullough Unattached 71.16m% 233-05
68.73m FOUL FOUL 69.75m 70.19m 71.16m
3 Jordan Stray Oregon 67.64m% 221-11
65.63m FOUL 62.43m FOUL 67.64m 66.55m
4 Ryan Loughney Ashland 65.37m 214-06
65.37m FOUL 64.65m 60.95m 63.21m FOUL
5 Eric Clayman Harvard 62.03m 203-06
61.41m 59.89m 59.57m 60.02m 62.03m 61.64m
6 Mike Lauro World's L Throw 61.70m 202-05
61.70m FOUL 59.92m 60.79m FOUL 60.58m
7 William Krokey Unattached 60.13m 197-03
57.69m 58.34m 59.82m 60.06m 60.13m 58.68m
8 Zack Richards Unattached 59.14m 194-00
57.35m FOUL 59.00m 59.14m 58.10m FOUL
9 Gregory Davis Notre Dame 58.77m 192-10
54.76m 58.77m FOUL 58.30m 57.72m FOUL
10 Frank Nothaft Unattached 57.31m 188-00
57.31m FOUL 55.95m
11 John Belcher Notre Dame 57.03m 187-01
FOUL 57.03m 52.83m
12 Timothy Daly Appalachian State 56.88m 186-07
56.88m FOUL FOUL
13 Justin Welch Unattached 56.15m 184-03
51.47m 54.94m 56.15m
14 Tyler Johnson Unattached 55.61m 182-05
FOUL FOUL 55.61m
15 Collin Otto Southern Illinois 55.09m 180-09
FOUL 53.11m 55.09m
16 Jay Gillespie Unattached 52.60m 172-07
FOUL FOUL 52.60m
-- Malcolm Styers Appalachian State FOUL
-- Dennis Aliotta Unattached FOUL
-- Anthony Scholes Unattached FOUL

Women Hammer Throw
Name Year Team Finals
1 Irene Cooper Western Michigan 56.76m% 186-03
FOUL FOUL 49.45m 51.95m 56.76m 55.28m
2 D'Ana McCarty Louisville 55.65m% 182-07
FOUL 47.35m 53.60m FOUL 55.65m 54.84m
3 Lauren Chambers Throw 1 Deep 54.49m 178-09
51.27m 51.79m 54.49m 52.42m FOUL FOUL
4 Allison Horner Throw 1 Deep 53.75m 176-04
FOUL 50.12m FOUL 52.28m 53.75m 53.06m
5 Gwendolyn Berry Southern Illinois 53.70m 176-02
FOUL FOUL 51.86m 52.49m 53.70m 52.15m
6 Lawanda Henry Unattached 52.97m 173-09
52.75m FOUL 52.97m 49.33m FOUL FOUL
7 Crystal Bourque Rhode Island 51.94m 170-05
FOUL 51.94m FOUL FOUL 49.52m FOUL
8 Mallory Barnes Dayton 49.48m 162-04
44.55m 48.06m 43.02m 47.41m 49.48m 45.85m
9 Deezbaa Whaley Unattached 49.22m 161-06
47.96m 46.34m 48.06m 49.22m 48.62m FOUL
10 Angelica Howard Unattached 47.13m 154-07
47.13m FOUL 44.89m
11 Elisa Bryant Unattached 46.27m 151-10
FOUL FOUL 46.27m
12 Sara Cole Unattached 45.36m 148-10
FOUL 45.36m FOUL
13 Megan Manning Georgia Tech 45.34m 148-09
45.34m FOUL 44.69m
14 Alaina Leonard Lock Haven 44.18m 144-11
FOUL 43.31m 44.18m
15 Olga Ciura Southern Illinois 43.93m 144-01
FOUL FOUL 43.93m
16 Rebecca Even Unattached 41.85m 137-04
FOUL 41.85m 41.02m
-- Brittany Connor Coastal Carolina FOUL
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