Polar Bear Hammer Championships (WA)

The 2009 Polar Bear Hammer Championships lived up to it name with wind, snow, rain, ice, and everything else mother nature could throw at us, but we still pulled the meet off. Junior Olivia Midles (Capital, Olympia, WA) won the girl’s competition at 143’5″. Matt Lloyd (Camas, WA) won the girl’s competition at 160’4″.

Polar Bear Hammer Championships
March 7, 2009
Centralia, WA

Girls 4k Hammer
1st Olivia Midles 11th Capital 143’5
2nd Maddy Midles 12th Camas 143’2
3rd Jazmine Stray 12th Centralia 131’9
4th Elizabeth Wilson 10th Centralia 104’9
5th Tina Kellogg 10th Ballard 88’11

Boys 12lb Hammer
1st. Matt Lloyd 11th Camas 160’4
2nd Bob Rodgers 11th Everett 131’11
3rd Chris Gage 12th Capital 130’11
4th Andy Jowett 11th Dacater 119′
5th Scott Feather 9th Camas 92’8″

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