Centralia Hammer Championships (WA)

Olivia Midles (Capital, Olympia, WA) threw a six foot personal best of 167’07” on Sunday to break the Washington State Junior Class Record at the Centralia Hammer Championships. Matt Lloyd (Camas, WA) won the boy’s competition and improved his personal best to 184’08”. He also improved with the 16-pound hammer and won the with a mark of 147’06”.

Centralia Hammer Championships
Sunday May 3, 2009
Centralia High School, Centralia, WA

Girl’s high school 4 kilo hammer
1st Olivia Midles 11th Capital 167’ 7 * $ #
2nd Maddy Midles 12th Camas 155’ 9
3rd Jasmine Stray 12th Centralia 144’ 2 *
4th Lindsay Wells 11th Nathan Hale 110’ 3 *
5th Tina Kellogg 11th Ballard 100’ 4 *
6th Rachael Martschinske 9th Camas 90’5
7th Mia Piper 9th Port Angles 70’11

*=Personal Best
$=New Washington State High School Junior Class Record. Old record 164’1 Gabby Midles 2006.
#=New Capital High School girl’s school record. Old record 166’9 set by Brittany Hinchcliffe in 2001.

Boys High school 12 lb hammer
1st Matt Lloyd 11th Camas 184’ 8 *
2nd Bob Rogers 11th Everett 164’ 3 *
3rd Chris Gage 12th Capital 141’ 7
4th David Prince 12th Port Angeles 126’ 0 *
5th Stuart DesRochers 11th Port Angeles 118’ 5
6th Kyle White 9th Centralia 112’ 11
7th Scott Feather 9th Camas 111’ 11
8th Aaron Konsker 11th Nathan Hale 110’ 4
9th Matt Ely 11th Nathan Hale 110’ 0

*=Personal Best

Open Women 4 kilo hammer
1st Maddy Midles Camas 151’11”
2nd Jasmine Stray Centralia 143’ 1
3rd Tina Kellog Ballard 100’1
4th Lindsy Wells Nathan Hale 97’7
5th Rachael Martschinske Camas 77’9

Open Men 16lb men
1st Matt Lloyd Camas 147’6
2nd Scott Feather Camas 85’9
3rd Aaron Konsker Nathan Hale 84’8
4th Matt Ely Nathan Hale 81’3
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