Washington State High School Hammer Championships (WA)

Senior Maddy Midles (Camas, WA) and sophomore Jon Lawson (Prairie, Vancouver, WA) won at this year’s Washington State High School Hammer Championships. Midles threw a new lifetime best of 162’10” on her final attempt to move ahead of her cousin Olivia Midles (Capital, Olypmia, WA).

Result of the 9th Annual Washington State High School Hammer Championships
Held Sunday May 31, 2009 at Centralia High School in Centralia Washington

High School Girls 4 kilo

1st Maddy Midles 12th Camas 162’10 Lifetime best
series Foul Foul 159’8 149’11 155’5 162’10
2nd Olivia Midles 11th Capital 159’5
3rd Jasmine Stray 12th Centralia 142’8
4th Lindsey Wells 11th Nathan Hale 112’2 Lifetime best
5th Grace Cooper 12th Centralia 112’ Lifetime best
6th Stephanie Scheldt 10th Gig Harbor 107’9 Lifetime best
7th Elizabeth Wilson 10 Centralia 105’1 Lifetime best
8th Kellia Lind 11 Gig Harbor 102’9 Lifetime best
9th Tina Kellog 11 Ballard 101’9
10th Kelsey Wardsworth 12 University 91’7
11th Allyson Falconer 11 Gig Harbor 87’7
12th Rachel Marshenski 9th Camas 84’7
13th Vicky Nunez 12th Port Angles 79’5
14th Mia Piper 9th Port Angles 76’5
15th Kaitlin Farrchild 9th Port Angles 63’7

High School Boys 12lb

1st Jon Lawson 10th Prairie 192’6 Lifetime best
series F 177’9 189’6 192’6 172 187’9
2nd Matt Lloyd 11th Camas 182’6
3rd Bobby Rogers 11th Everett 162’
4th Chris Gage 12th Capital 153’1
5th Sam Hacker 9th Gig Harbor 137’2 Lifetime best
6th Eddie Crossen 12th Central Valley 134’9 Lifetime best
7th Andy Jowett 11th Decatur 132’5
8th Adam Riddle 11th Gig Harbor 131’3 Lifetime best
9th Logan Powell 12th Elma 124’3 Lifetime best
10th Kyle White 9th Centralia 119’7 Lifetime best
11th Scott Feather 9th Camas 119’2
12th David Prince 11th Port Angles 117’
13th Stuart DesRochess 11th Port Angles 115’3
14th Aaron Konsker 11th Nathan Hale 111’7 Lifetime best
15th Henry Midles 9th Camas 108’8
16th Matt Ely 11th Nathan Hale 100’3
17th Michael Barnhart 10th Central Valley 97’1
18th Triton Pitassi 8th Camas 64’6
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