USATF Junior National Championships (OR)

Conor McCullough (Chaminade, West Hills, CA) threw a new meet record to win his first USATF Junior National Championship over the weekend in Eugene, Oregon. McCullough led from start to finish and topped the meet record in the third round with his winning toss of 75.30m (247-00) with the international 6-kilogram hammer. That throw is just feet off of his personal best of 75.88m, which he threw to win the silver medal at last year’s World Junior Championships. Justin Welch (Eastwood, Pemberville, OH) threw a personal best of 66.04m (216-08) to take second place.

Casey Kraychir (Twentynine Palms, CA) threw just under her personal best to win the women’s junior national title. Kraychir sat in second place entering the final round behind Elizabeth Rohl (Michigan State University). However, she launched a better throw to move into the lead and Rohl was unable to respond. Lauren Chambers (Kell, Marietta, GA) placed third with a throw of 54.89m (180-01) and last year’s national leader Victoria Flowers (now at the University of Connecticut) took fourth, less than an inch behind Chambers.

The USATF Junior National Championships is a competition open to all American throwers that are under twenty throughout the entire calendar year. The men throw an international 6-kilogram (13.2-pound) hammer and the women throw the normal 4-kilogram hammer.

2009 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships Results
6/25-28/2009 - Hayward Field - Eugene, Oregon

Men Hammer Throw
 Top 8 Advance to Finals
       World: W 81.34m  9/2/2001    Krisztian Pars, HUN
    American: A 76.92m  7/12/2008   Walter Henning, LSU
        Meet: M 73.87m  6/21/2008   Walter Henning, LSU
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Conor McCullough             unattached              75.30mM    247-00
      73.16m  73.85m  75.30m  FOUL  72.09m  75.04m
  2 Justin Welch                 unattached              66.04m     216-08
      65.31m  FOUL  FOUL  64.50m  66.04m  63.82m
  3 Tyler Johnson                unattached              63.85m     209-06
      59.13m  57.61m  59.51m  FOUL  63.85m  FOUL
  4 Mark Manno                   Coastal Carolina        63.80m     209-04
      63.80m  61.41m  62.48m  FOUL  56.25m  60.65m
  5 James Lambert                Southern Illinois       62.65m     205-06
      FOUL  60.36m  62.65m  60.75m  FOUL  FOUL
  6 Jason Jensen                 Coastal Carolina        61.91m     203-01
      58.51m  57.62m  59.15m  FOUL  61.91m  FOUL
  7 Garrett Grey                 unattached              60.14m     197-04
      FOUL  60.14m  58.77m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Davis Fraker                 Throw 1 Deep            58.84m     193-00
      56.95m  58.84m  55.94m  FOUL  FOUL  57.57m
  9 Thomas Davis                 unattached              58.55m     192-01
      58.55m  FOUL  FOUL
 10 William Gehring              unattached              58.17m     190-10
      FOUL  58.17m  54.31m
 11 Ben Stancombe                unattached              57.58m     188-11
      FOUL  57.58m  57.57m
 12 Justin Nicoll                unattached              57.47m     188-06
      57.47m  FOUL  50.52m
 13 Enrique Gaitan               Throw 1 Deep            57.27m     187-11
      FOUL  57.27m  55.06m
 14 Robert Drye                  Air Force Academy       57.00m     187-00
      51.09m  52.96m  57.00m
 15 Bo Johnson                   Oregon Throwers         56.82m     186-05
      55.53m  56.02m  56.82m
 16 Pat Bond                     Grand Valley State      56.61m     185-09
      56.61m  FOUL  FOUL
 17 Bradley Foote                Southern Illinois       55.01m     180-06
      55.01m  53.02m  52.54m
 18 Matthew Post                 Sierra Foothill         54.74m     179-07
      53.00m  54.74m  51.80m
 19 Miles Freberg                Throw 1 Deep            54.43m     178-07
      52.61m  FOUL  54.43m
 20 Michael Zika                 Iowa State              53.82m     176-07
      FOUL  52.72m  53.82m
 21 Gabriel Acero                unattached              53.77m     176-05
      FOUL  46.87m  53.77m
 22 Vincent Huitt                unattached              53.64m     176-00
      53.64m  FOUL  FOUL
 23 Greg Skipper                 Oregon Throwers         53.43m     175-03
      53.43m  48.44m  52.29m
 24 Casey Ballinger              unattached              52.76m     173-01
      50.54m  FOUL  52.76m
 25 Edward Brentnall             Throw 1 Deep            51.54m     169-01
      51.54m  50.70m  FOUL
 26 Bret Hardin                  Throw 1 Deep            51.19m     167-11
      51.19m  50.99m  FOUL
 27 Matthew Lloyd                unattached              50.47m     165-07
      50.47m  FOUL  FOUL
 28 Cody Bahrke                  unattached              50.42m     165-05
      49.92m  47.87m  50.42m
 29 Josh Ster                    Iowa State              50.23m     164-09
      50.23m  FOUL  50.21m
 30 Brian Duncan                 unattached              50.05m     164-02
      50.05m  FOUL  49.52m
 31 Nabil Mubarak                Throw 1 Deep            47.88m     157-01
      FOUL  47.88m  FOUL
 32 Teddy Mottola                unattached              47.85m     157-00
      45.24m  47.85m  47.49m
 -- Lonnie Pugh                  Michigan State            FOUL
 -- Jeremy Postin                Florida                   FOUL
 -- Mark Conklin                 Sacred Heart              FOUL

Women Hammer Throw
 Top 8 Advance to Finals
       World: W 73.24m  6/24/2005   Zhang Wenxiu, CHN
    American: A 61.44m  5/30/1998   Maureen Griffin, Idaho HS
        Meet: M 59.40m  6/23/2000   Carrie Soong, UCLA
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Casey Kraychir               VS Athletics            57.22m     187-09
      50.02m  45.11m  52.50m  55.05m  55.12m  57.22m
  2 Elizabeth Rohl               unattached              56.05m     183-11
      FOUL  50.80m  51.59m  55.13m  56.05m  51.44m
  3 Lauren Chambers              Throw 1 Deep            54.89m     180-01
      FOUL  52.63m  54.89m  52.56m  FOUL  53.53m
  4 Victoria Flowers             Connecticut             54.88m     180-01
      54.88m  FOUL  50.27m  53.56m  54.19m  FOUL
  5 Patrice Gates                Throw 1 Deep            54.55m     179-00
      48.69m  FOUL  49.71m  52.45m  53.48m  54.55m
  6 J'Quyra Moncur-Blue          Throw 1 Deep            51.86m     170-02
      49.73m  FOUL  47.66m  48.83m  51.86m  50.71m
  7 Amanda Bingson               U N L V                 51.82m     170-00
      50.79m  51.82m  49.36m  FOUL  48.34m  FOUL
  8 Jacquelyne Leffler           Kansas State            51.14m     167-09
      49.33m  FOUL  49.53m  51.14m  47.98m  48.87m
  9 Samantha Gable               Miami/Ohio              49.04m     160-11
      47.72m  46.26m  49.04m
 10 Emily Niehaus                Centre College Ky       48.75m     159-11
      FOUL  45.13m  48.75m
 11 Maddy Midles                 Camas Hammer            48.22m     158-02
      47.68m  48.22m  48.16m
 12 Meaghan McGovern             Richmond                48.08m     157-09
      47.83m  47.84m  48.08m
 13 La Quoya Kelly               Tennessee               47.87m     157-01
      47.87m  FOUL  46.60m
 14 Katie Kraychir               VS Athletics            47.80m     156-10
      FOUL  44.75m  47.80m
 15 Laishema Hampton             Iowa State              47.57m     156-01
      47.57m  FOUL  FOUL
 16 Jane Swenson                 unattached              47.52m     155-11
      44.19m  45.77m  47.52m
 17 Shant'e White                Buffalo                 46.43m     152-04
      44.86m  46.43m  FOUL
 18 Sharayah Kenady              Concordia/Portland      46.40m     152-03
      43.38m  42.91m  46.40m
 19 Natalie Baird                William & Mary          46.39m     152-02
      46.39m  FOUL  41.84m
 20 Kaitlyn Griffith             Youngstown State        45.89m     150-07
      45.89m  FOUL  FOUL
 21 Symmone Fisher               Monmouth                44.05m     144-06
      FOUL  FOUL  44.05m
 22 Cassandra Woodall            Brigham Young           43.82m     143-09
      FOUL  FOUL  43.82m
 23 Kristin Cameron              unattached              40.31m     132-03
      40.31m  FOUL  FOUL
 -- Danielle Frere               Iowa State                FOUL
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