Pan American Junior Athletics Championships (Trinidad and Tobago)

High school athletes Justin Welch (Eastwood, Pemberville, OH) and Casey Kraychir (Twentynine Palms, CA ) both competed at the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships. Welch threw a personal best with the 6-kilogram hammer to place third. University of Arizona Freshman Tyler Johnson placed fifth in the men’s competition. The competition was won by Cuba’s Reinier Mejias Cabrera with an impressive throw of 78.38m. Kraychir, just a junior in high school, placed fifth in the women’s competition with a throw of 52.62m. Michigan State University freshman Elizabeth Rohl placed third.

2009 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships

July 31- August 2, 2009
Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Men Hammer Throw (6-kilogram)
World Jr: J 82.97m 6/17/2009 Javier Cienfuegos, ESP
Pan Am Champ: P 70.70m 7/18/2003 Kocsor Boldizsar, USA, Bridg
2009 Best: * 82.97m Javier Cienfuegos, ESP, Madr
Name Year Team Finals
1 Mejias Cabrera, Reinier 90 Cuba 78.38mP
77.50m 67.80m 78.38m 78.27m 74.02m FOUL
2 Rosario, Jean 90 Puerto Rico 71.70mP
FOUL 67.80m FOUL 67.65m 66.09m 71.70m
3 Welch, Justin 91 USA 68.22m
64.75m 67.00m FOUL FOUL FOUL 68.22m
4 Wolski, Allan 90 Brazil 65.37m
65.37m 63.30m 63.29m 63.66m 62.75m FOUL
5 Johnson, Tyler 90 USA 63.34m
FOUL 61.68m 60.94m 58.37m FOUL 63.34m
6 Castilleja, Ricardo Javi 90 Mexico 62.70m
FOUL 58.82m FOUL FOUL 60.64m 62.70m
7 Diaz, Jaime 92 Chile 58.51m
53.49m 58.51m FOUL 57.05m 53.45m 58.12m
-- Taylor, Angus 90 Canada FOUL
-- Georgewill, Oluwasuyi 90 Canada FOUL

Women Hammer Throw
World Jr: J 73.24m 6/24/2005 Wenxiu Zhang, CHN
Pan Am Champ: P 64.80m 7/30/2005 Santovenia Tondike, CUB, Win
2009 Best: * 69.00m Bianca Perie, ROU, Bucuresti
Name Year Team Finals
1 Fors Carnonell, Yenislei 91 Cuba 63.92m
63.92m 60.21m FOUL 59.43m FOUL 60.59m
2 Morais, Andressa 90 Brazil 55.01m
FOUL 53.93m 47.56m 50.13m 53.41m 55.01m
3 Rohl, Elizabeth 90 USA 54.24m
FOUL 52.82m FOUL 50.84m 52.58m 54.24m
4 MACORQUODALE, Emmalynne 90 Canada 53.18m
51.45m FOUL 50.79m 51.27m 53.18m 52.58m
5 Kraychir, Casey 91 USA 52.62m
52.62m 48.82m 51.62m 49.75m FOUL FOUL
6 Nunez, Julia 91 Argentina 49.46m
47.63m FOUL FOUL 49.46m FOUL 47.90m
7 Bravo, Akeela 90 Trinidad & Tobago 44.49m
39.92m 44.49m FOUL FOUL FOUL 42.96m
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