HSHammer.com partners with Runnerspace

HSHammer.com has partnered with RunnerSpace.com to put together a new and improved version of the site.  HSHammer.com has provided the nation with news, rankings, results, and other information about prep hammer throwing for the past decade.  None of that will change with the move.  Editor Martin Bingisser and statistician Bob Gourley will continue to provide great content for the site at the same web address.

The new site does, however, offer many new features.  Users will be able to upload throwing videos, submit news articles, post pictures, as well as comment and rate each post.  All these features will add to the interactivity of the site and create a more connected user base.  HSHammer.com content will also be featured on RunnerSpace.com, allowing greater exposure for the prep hammer throwing movement that continues to grow every year.

The site itself will also have an altered navigation panel.  Bob Gourley’s famous national performance lists will be shown on the front page and older lists can be viewed by clicking the Blog tab.  Results and News can be viewed by clicking the News tab.  All the other content should be easy to find.

HSHammer.com is a published by the non-profit Evergreen Athletic Fund.  Please consider donating to help support the site.

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