Shelby Ashe breaks national junior class record at Georgia Invitational

Junior Shelby Ashe (St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA) improved her personal best by ten feet, took the national high school lead, and broke the national junior class record on Saturday. Throwing at the University of Georgia’s Georgia Invitational, Ashe took second place behind NCAA leader Nikola Lomnicka. Ashe’s throw of 196’06” in the second round surpassed the national junior class record by more than six feet. Her third attempt also surpassed the record. Senior Casey Krachir (Twentynine Palms, CA) set the previous record last season at 190’03”. Ashe’s new best also ranks third all-time in the nation.


The boys competition featured four high school throwers tosses a variety of weights. The winners of the competition and the top high school throwers are listed below. The weight the boys threw with is noted after their mark.

Georgia Invitational
Spec Towns Track, Athens, GA

Women's Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Nikola Lomnicka           SO University of Georgia   63.29m   207-08
  2 Shelby Ashe               HS Throw 1 Deep            59.89m   196-06
  5 Patrice Gates             HS Throw 1 Deep            52.09m   170-11
  6 Daina Levy                HS Throw 1 Deep            51.50m   168-11
  9 Taylor Dupont             HS Throw 1 Deep            43.99m   144-04
 13 Diamond Higgins           HS Throw 1 Deep            39.46m   129-05

Men's Hammer Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Result           
  1 Andras Haklits               Croatia                 70.21m   230-04
  4 Enrique Gaiten            HS Throw 1 Deep            61.79m   202-09 (6kg)
  5 Brett Hardin              HS Throw 1 Deep            61.00m   200-01 (12lb)
  7 Edward Brentnall          HS Unattached              59.39m   194-10 (6kg)
  9 Davis Fraker              HS Throw 1 Deep            58.39m   191-07 (16lb)
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