Skipper just short of state record in Oregon Relays win

Oregon state recored holder Greg Skipper (Oregon, City, WA) and canadian Joanna Franke (Frances Kelsey, Mill Bay, BC) won this year’s Oregon Relays hosted by the University of Oregon.  Skipper, who set the Oregon state record two weeks ago, led throughout the competition but was followed closely by Matt Lloyd (Camas, WA).  He improved on his fifth attempt to give himself enough breathing room to survive a final round personal best of 199’5″ by Lloyd.  Jordan Arakawa (Capital, Olympia, WA) had little foul trouble, but still placed third well ahead of Canadian Alexander Dumont (Vancouver College, Vancouver, BC).  A post-competition interview with Skipper can be viewed here, and an interview with his father has been posted here.

The women’s competition was also very close. Olivia Midles (Capital, Olympia, WA) held the lead heading into the finals, but Joanna Franke was able to improve in the fifth round and hold on to win by just three feet.  Franke’s best was 158’9″.  Avione Allgood (Legacy, North Las Vegas, NV) took third and fell just inches 120 feet, which would have qualified her for the national performance list.

OREGON RELAYS - 4/30/2010 to 5/1/2010                     
Presented by Oregon Community Credit Union                   
Hayward Field                                 
Event 144  Boys Hammer Throw High School
 Min. measure = 70' 0" (22.86m)                                                 
 Top 8 plus ties advance to reverse order final.                                
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Greg Skipper              11 Oregon City             64.37m     211-02  10  
      57.93m  55.71m  60.69m  59.94m  64.37m  FOUL                              
  2 Matthew Lloyd             12 Camas                   60.79m     199-05   8  
      54.81m  57.06m  56.95m  FOUL  FOUL  60.79m                                
  3 Jordan Arakawa            12 Capital                 55.76m     182-11   6  
      55.25m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  55.76m                                    
  4 Alexander Dumont             Vancouver Coll HS       44.89m     147-03      
      42.10m  44.02m  FOUL  43.63m  44.59m  44.89m                              
  5 Brett Burbee                 Pleasant Hill HS        41.81m     137-02   5  
      38.27m  40.80m  40.60m  FOUL  FOUL  41.81m                                
  6 Kyle White                10 Centralia               41.58m     136-05      
      FOUL  41.58m  FOUL  37.43m  FOUL  38.64m                                  
  7 Scott Feather             10 Camas                   41.53m     136-03   4  
      39.18m  FOUL  FOUL  41.53m  FOUL  FOUL                                     
  8 Hank Midles               10 Camas                   41.37m     135-09   3  
      FOUL  41.37m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                      
  9 Isaac Graves              11 Glacier Peak            36.18m     118-08      
      FOUL  FOUL  36.18m                                                        
 10 Tanner Eastlick            9 Crow                    34.99m     114-09   2  
      FOUL  34.99m  29.06m                                                       
 11 Ethan Thoms               12 Crow                    33.26m     109-01   1  
      FOUL  33.08m  33.26m                                                      
 12 Nicholas Rea              10 Sheldon                 28.99m      95-01       
      28.99m  FOUL  FOUL                                                        
 13 Scott Southwell           12 Sherwood                26.36m      86-06      
      FOUL  22.99m  26.36m                                                      
 14 Jordan Gildersleeve       11 Glacier Peak            20.01m      65-08      
      FOUL  FOUL  20.01m                                                        
 -- Ethan Koyanagi            11 Glacier Peak             XFOUL                 
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                          
 -- Ryan McDermott            10 Sherwood                  FOUL                 
Event 145  Girls Hammer Throw High School
 Min. measure = 50' 0" (15.24m)                                                 
 Top 8 plus ties advance to reverse order final.                                
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Joanna Franke                Frances Kelsey HS       48.39m     158-09      
      FOUL  46.16m  44.44m  46.68m  48.39m  FOUL                                
  2 Olivia Midles             12 Capital                 47.35m     155-04  10  
      43.31m  47.35m  45.37m  FOUL  46.41m  45.88m                              
  3 Avione Allgood            10 Legacy                  36.40m     119-05      
      FOUL  FOUL  31.81m  36.40m  FOUL  36.39m                                  
  4 McKenzie Warren           10 Sandy                   36.31m     119-01   8  
      34.17m  FOUL  36.31m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                    
  5 Elizabeth Wilson          11 Centralia               28.14m      92-04      
      27.52m  25.45m  FOUL  25.41m  FOUL  28.14m                                
  6 Katheryn Engholm          11 Crow                    27.76m      91-01   6  
      FOUL  25.43m  25.59m  27.76m  26.96m  24.33m                              
  7 Amanda Muchmore           11 Glacier Peak            26.72m      87-08      
      24.73m  26.72m  FOUL  FOUL  24.71m  FOUL                                  
  8 Laura Grube               10 Crow                    24.56m      80-07   5  
      24.56m  23.98m  22.85m  FOUL  23.58m  22.25m                              
  9 Rachel Martschinske       10 Camas                   24.13m      79-02   4  
      23.96m  24.13m  23.48m                                                     
 10 Courtney Tripp            12 Sandy                   24.09m      79-00   3  
      22.55m  23.41m  24.09m                                                    
 11 Linsey Kau                12 Crow                    22.65m      74-04   2  
      FOUL  19.37m  22.65m                                             

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