Former teammates Ashe and Chambers qualify for World Juniors

National high school record holder Shelby Ashe (St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA) easily won the USATF junior national title on Thursday. After fouling her first throw and taking an easy second throw, Ashe took the lead in the third round and didn’t look back. As the competition finished, she was more than ten feet ahead of second place thrower Lauren Chambers and set a new meet record.  Chambers, who threw with Ashe as a member of the Throw1Deep throwers club last year, is currently a freshman at the University of Southern California. Earlier this month, Ashe also broke the national junior record set by Chambers earlier in the season. Patrice Gates (Villa Rica, GA), another member of Throw1Deep, also placed third. By placing in the top two spots, Ashe and Chambers qualified to represent the U.S. at the World Junior Championships in Moncton, Canada next month. The junior men’s championship will take place Friday morning.

         2010 USA Track & Field Championships - 6/23/2010 to 6/27/2010         
                       Drake Stadium - Des Moines, Iowa    

Women Hammer Throw Junior
    WJC Qual: $ 55.00m
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Shelby Ashe                  Throw 1 Deep            60.76m$    199-04
      FOUL  56.24m  60.55m  60.76m  55.99m  57.88m
  2 Lauren Chambers              USC                     57.54m$    188-09
      55.25m  56.93m  57.45m  57.54m  57.17m  55.85m
  3 Patrice Gates                Throw 1 Deep            56.01m$    183-09
      51.40m  54.13m  56.01m  FOUL  55.20m  55.29m
  4 J'Quyra Moncur-Blue          unattached              54.20m     177-10
      FOUL  52.09m  FOUL  54.20m  FOUL  FOUL
  5 Erin Atkinson                unattached              53.27m     174-09
      FOUL  FOUL  52.39m  FOUL  53.27m  46.09m
  6 Jessica Harrison             Tennessee               52.75m     173-01
      FOUL  FOUL  50.23m  FOUL  51.26m  52.75m
  7 Kimberly Fortney             Southern Ill            51.97m     170-06
      FOUL  50.05m  FOUL  51.97m  51.58m  FOUL
  8 Rosemary Read                New Hampshire           49.75m     163-03
      45.73m  47.84m  49.75m  47.36m  FOUL  47.36m
  9 Ashlen Veatch                unattached              49.02m     160-10
      48.42m  49.02m  FOUL
 10 Taylor duPont                Throw 1 Deep            48.27m     158-04
      FOUL  46.42m  48.27m
 11 Jianna Williams              Throw 1 Deep            48.01m     157-06
      47.70m  48.01m  FOUL
 12 Brittany Smith               unattached              47.90m     157-02
      FOUL  FOUL  47.90m
 13 Jasmine Simpson              unattached              46.22m     151-08
      FOUL  46.22m  FOUL
 14 Michelle Anumba              Duke                    45.99m     150-11
      44.68m  44.14m  45.99m
 15 Emily Hunsucker              Colorado                45.40m     148-11
      44.81m  45.40m  45.00m
 16 Brynn Forsythe               Troy State              41.80m     137-02
      39.29m  41.80m  FOUL
 -- Jazmin Miller                Mississippi               FOUL
 -- Suzee Mills                  Kennesaw State            FOUL
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