H.T.A.: Hammer Throwers Anonymous

Hello, my name is Martin and I’m addicted to the hammer throw. It may have been obvious from my obsessively regular posts about the hammer throw on this website and others. But that’s just the addiction you see on the surface. It is much deeper than that.

This weekend I am preparing to head down to Lake Como for a four-day weekend escape with my visiting girlfriend, my friend Andrea and her brother at their house their. I know the chance to relax and have fun in Italy will be well worth it, but I must be honest, I’m having a little anxiety about taking the time off of throwing. In fact, I’m even going to squeeze in a little throwing session Thursday morning before we catch the train. Still, my three day break from throwing will be my longest since September of 2007.


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3 replies
  1. James
    James says:

    Hello. My name is James and I am addicicted to the hammer throw. I have tried to quit. I have not competed or trained with a hammer this summer, and my knees feel OK for the first time since I turned 40. I went to one meet, just to watch. One freaking twilight meet to see a couple of friends throw. Then video of the World Juniors.I can’t help myself. I am going out to throw on Saturday morning. Ibuprofin and ice packs are ready. I’m turning 50 next year so lighter comp hammer and weight. Maybe this time it won’t be so bad.

    Do they make a hammer patch?? Maybe gum??

    Good luck with your late summer meets Martin. Keep the faith. Keep posting please. Old dog learns new tricks every now and then.

    – James from Ottawa

  2. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    My name is Sharon and I am a recovering hammer addict. I reached the point where I spent more time cleaning the grass and water out of the circle than throwing because I kept injuring my hamstring when I released the hammer. Alas, it doesn’t matter. The powers that be decided to tear down our hammer cage.

    Martin – best of luck with your late summer meets.

  3. Lucais MacKay
    Lucais MacKay says:

    I loved the post. Being a competitive hammer thrower, I can attest to that being an impressive run, not taking more than a week off throwing since 2007!

    Thanks for sharing, your passion is addictive and inspiring to me while sitting through Master’s classes in the summer months. Best of luck in the remainder of the season..
    – Lucais


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