Midles breaks Washington state record

Senior Gabby Midles (Capital, Olympia, WA) set a new Washington state record at the Centralia Twilight meet on Wednesday, July 21.  Midles, who entered the competition with a best of 169’7″, improved her best to 175’10”.  In the process, she broke the state record of 173’7″ set by her cousin Gabby Midles in 2007.  Gabby currently throws for the University of Idaho and placed 13th at the NCAA Championships this year.  The younger Midles will compete for Eastern Washington University next season.

The boy’s competition also featured some great results.  Senior Jordan Arakawa (Capital, Olympia, WA) improved on his personal best from earlier this month with a throw of 218’3″.

The competition took place in Centralia on a brand new hammer ring that was inaugurated after the old Central hammer ring was torn down last week.  Conditions were dry and warm.




Results of 7-21-10 Centralia Twilight hammer meet 

High School Girls  4 kilo 

1st  Olivia Midles 12th Barron Park Striders     172’9” Capital High School (Series F 161’5  168’10  F 172’9”    F )

2nd Lindsey Wells 12th Nathan Hale      138’6  

Open Woman  4 kilo 

1st  Olivia Midles 12th Barron Park Striders      175’ 10”* Lifetime Best  Capital High School (Series F 175’10* F 172’9  F 171 )

2nd  Lindsey Wells 12th Nathan Hale       139’5”

3rd  Jazmin Stray  Eastern Washington University  136’6  

High School boys 12lb 

1st  Jordan Arakawa 12th Barron Park Striders  218’3”  Lifetime Best Capital High School (series 218’3  F F F F 197’10)

2nd  Joh Lawson 11th Prairie   195’ 10”

3rd  Andy Jowett 12th Decatur   157’

4th  Andy Miller  9th Capital    141’4 Lifetime Best

5th  Tanner Johns  9th Centralia   125’9  Lifetime Best

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