Midles improves best in Centralia

Olivia Midles (Capital, Olympia, WA) improved her personal best to 169’7″ last weekend at the Hammer Blast meet in Centralia, WA. Her teammate Jordan Arakawa (Capital, Olympia, WA) also turned in another strong performance of 208’11”. With the 16-pound hammer, Arakawa also threw a personal best of 177’5″, which ranks him third in the nation this year. Both Midles and Arakawa will be throwing at Eastern Washington University next year. For more info on Arakawa, read this profile of him by The Olympian newspaper from back in April.


Results of July 3, 2010 Hammer Blast (Centralia Washington)

Girl’s high school 4 kilo hammer 

1. Olivia Midles  12th Capital   163’4” (F F 160’3  F 163’4”  F)

2. Lindsey Wells  12th Nathan Hale  145’6”  Lifetime Best

3. Elizabeth Wilson  11th Centralia  124’8  Lifetime Best

4. Kellie Lind   12th Gig Harbor  117’7

5. Rachel Martschinske 10th Camas   104’2  Lifetime Best

Boys High School 12lb hammer 

1. Jordan Arakawa  12th Capital   208’11

198’3  F 208’11  201’10  F F

2. Adam Riddle  12th Gig Harbor  163’2  Lifetime Best

3. Hank Midles  10th Camas   155’1  Lifetime Best

4. Sam Hacker   10th Gig Harbor  155’1   Lifetime Best (Hank beat Sam due to his better second best throw or 153 in the second round.)

5. Triton Pitassi  9th Camas   147’10  Lifetime Best

6. Andy Jowett  12th Decatur  147’  Lifetime Best

7. Chip Sudbeck  12th Camas   120’7

8. Tanner Johns  9th Centralia  118’10  Lifetime Best

9. Andy Miller   9th  Capital   112’4  Lifetime Best 

Open Woman 4 kilo hammer 

1. Olivia Midles  12th Capital   169’7  Lifetime Best (F F 162’2  F F 169’7)

2. Lindsey Wells  12th Nathan Hale  135’8

3. Kellie Lind   12th Gig Harbor  108’1

4. Rachael Martschinske 10th Camas   105’8

16lb Open Men Hammer 

1. Zack Richards  Iowa State   195’8 (F 195’8  F 193’ F F)

2. Jordan Arakawa  12th Capital   177’5  Lifetime Best

3. Andy Jowett  12th Decatur  125’10

4. Triton Pitassi  9th Camas   119’10

5. Hank Midles  10th Camas   112’7  


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