Eastern District Hammer Championship Results (WA)

Eastern District Hammer Championships
Sunday, 15 May 2011
Central Valley High School, Spokane, WA 


Men’s 12 lbs

V      Finals   1st     Unland, Damon                 162’11”    Ferris
V      Finals   2nd     Stanley, Kevin                 161’11”    Central Valley
V       Finals  3rd     Evans, Nicholas                 149’1″     Central Valley
V       Finals  4th     Sdao, Colton                    133’9″     Central Valley
V       Finals  5th     Barnhart, Michael               115’4″     Central Valley
V       Finals  6th     Hansen, Chris                   93’7″      Mt. Spokane
V       Finals  7th     Wardian, Hunter                 91’8″         Central Valley
V       Finals  8th     Wolrehammer, Hayden             89’2″         Central Valley
V       Finals  9th     Wollan, Jackson                49’10”         Central Valley

Women’s 4K

V       Finals  1st     Kliamovich, Dakota              126’8″      Central Valley
V       Finals  2nd     Mills, Michaelyn                121’7″      Mead
V       Finals  3rd     Wardsworth, Katie               118’1″      Central Valley
V       Finals  4th     Flynn, Emily                    108’7″      University
V       Finals  5th     Baker, Sam                      95’9″       Mead
V       Finals  6th     Hotchkiss, Shannon              86’10”      Central Valley
V       Finals  7th     VanDyke, Cora                   79’2″        Central Valley
V       Finals  8th     Hotchkiss, Beth                 73’8″        Central Valley
V       Finals  9th     Eikum, Kayla                    68’11”       Central Valley

Open #16        Zack Richards    (Redshirt College)     185’6″


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