Learning the Hammer Throw: Perfecting Technique

My old training partner Ryan Jensen and I published a short article in Track Coach last winter about coaching beginners. Ryan coaches the youth throwers at the Kamloops Track and Field Club, and we drew on our experience (mostly his) to lay out a method for getting a beginner to easily complete a three turn throw. This fall, we published a follow-up where we discuss what to work on next. Finishing a throw is step one; perfecting it is the next step.


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  1. Alison
    Alison says:

    You’re more of a coach than an actual person on the track (sadly in part to geography and coaches available). The best part of your info is that it speaks volumes within a few sentences and is useful, real and feels amazing when a passage screams “Now you’re doing this, it’s meant to feel like that, keep going!”


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