UK Hammer Workshop

This last weekend I was invited to present about training methods at the National Coach Development Programme Hammer Workshop in Loughborough, England. With the 2012 Olympics coming up in London, the country has been infused with cash and done a great job of using the resources wisely to develop coaching and facilities. Events like last weekend’s are commonplace, and Loughborough is putting the finishing touches on a beautiful covered throwing facility that will complement the indoor throwing facility they already have.

I was very impressed with the direction the hammer throw is heading in the UK. Last year the men’s discus became world class there, and the hammer throw is not far behind. The men’s hammer is deeper than ever, with four throwers over 72.45m this year. America, with a population five times as great, had just seven throwers over that distance. It will be a few years before they become world class, but most of the throwers are young and will continue to develop. The women’s hammer has an even younger and more accomplished group led by Sophie Hitchon (UK record holder at 69.59m, 2010 World Junior champion and 2011 European U23 bronze), Louisa James (58.10m as a 17 year old, 2011 World Youth champion), and Myra Perkins (61.94m as a junior in 2011).


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  1. bryan williams
    bryan williams says:

    Martin, its interesting you refer to a 15 year old Hungarian throwing the 4kg hammer 58m in your article above. My 14 year old son Matthew has only been throwing the hammer this last Summer (his main event is the discus)and already he has thrown 52m. Whats even more amazing is that it only places him 7th in the uk under 15 rankings. The number 1 has thrown 65m with the 4kg and there are several others over 60m, which backs up what you say about the uk juniors coming through.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      That is pretty impressive, but I should clarify that Reka is a girl. Her 58 meter throw was among the best youth in the world, and she is still be eligible for the World Youth Championships in 2013. That gives her two years to push the distance out even further.


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