Book Review: Athletic Development by Vern Gambetta

Part of what I enjoy about the offseason is reading about different training ideas. This year I have, as always, a long list of books that I likely will not finish. But I already have finished the first one, Athletic Development: The Art and Science of Functional Sport Conditioning by Vern Gambetta.

It was about a year ago that I first started reading stuff by Gambetta. The more I read, the more I liked. His blog provides frequent insight on training, and I posted my own training talk with him at the end of last summer and had the pleasure of meeting him in London last month. In my view, Gambetta is an ideal coach’s coach. This is not to downplay the work he has done with athletes; he has worked with professional athletes and teams in nearly every sport. But I have learned infinitely more from Gambetta in my role as track coach as I have as a hammer thrower. And much of that has come from his book Athletic Development.


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