Rhode Island Girls Division Championships Results

Marthaline Cooper (Classical, Providence, RI) once again showed she is the top thrower in Rhode Island this season. The senior, who has produced the best mark in Rhode Island this season, also had the top throw among all the divisions at Saturday’s Rhode Island Division Championships. She won the Headley Division with a throw of 51’05.75″. Close behind her was Leia Mistowski (Narragansett, RI), who won the Dwyer division with nearly a three-food personal best of 51’04.50″. Briana O’Grady (South Kingstown, Wakefield, RI) and Victoria Ebert (Exeter/West Greenwich, West Greenwich, RI) were also winners of the Bayha and Sullivan divisions.

                                                 RIIL DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                  PROVIDENCE CAREER AND TECHNICAL ACADEMY
                                                            PROVIDENCE, RI
                                                 SATURDAY  JANUARY 26, 2013
                                                   GIRLS’ 20# WEIGHT THROW
                                                        (Top ten in each division.)
                             Headley Division
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Cooper, Mathaline         SR CLAS                  51-05.75     15.69m 
  2 Hicks, Alva               SO CLAS                  47-07.00     14.50m 
  3 Donadio, Bianca           JR CLAS                  43-02.25     13.16m 
  4 Carroll, Lauren           SR CLAS                  42-00.00     12.80m 
  5 Alvarez, Leslie           SR WW                    39-09.00     12.11m 
  6 Cousens, Abby             SO PRTS                  38-08.00     11.78m 
  7 Swanson, Lauren           SO East G                37-01.00     11.30m 
  8 Malloy, Meagan            FR Smith                 35-00.75     10.68m 
  9 Goretaya, Oksana          SR WW                    34-10.50     10.62m 
 10 Gauthier, Faye            FR WW                    29-00.00      8.83m 
                            Dwyer Division
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Mistowski, Leia           JR NRRG                  51-04.50     15.65m 
  2 Ortiz, Venetcia           SR CF                    43-01.50     13.14m 
  3 Timpson, Carly            SO NRRG                  31-09.75      9.69m 
  4 MacLeod, Gabrielle        JR PR                    28-11.50      8.82m 
  5 McAloon, Bria             JR WARW                  28-05.50      8.67m 
  6 Bourbon, Kayla            FR WARW                 J28-05.50      8.67m 
  7 Viera, Erin               SR PR                    28-00.00      8.53m 
  8 Buchanan, Kimberly        SO WARW                  26-05.25      8.05m 
  9 Pierce, Emily             SO PR                    24-00.50      7.32m 
 10 Corneau, Nicole           SR PR                    22-03.00      6.78m 
                           Bayha Division
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 O'Grady, Brianna          SR SK                    47-02.75     14.39m 
  2 Barrette, Destinee        SR Pilgrim               44-07.75     13.60m 
  3 Caron, Maddison           JR Pilgrim               41-07.00     12.67m 
  4 Sanchez, Michelle         SR Pilgrim               39-10.50     12.15m 
  5 Nalle, Cheyanne           JR WOON                  38-08.00     11.78m 
  6 Rochefort, Tara           SO WOON                  34-10.25     10.62m 
  7 Martinez, Ashley          SO WOON                  32-07.50      9.94m 
  8 Jacobsen, Courtney        FR Tolg                  31-02.25      9.50m 
  9 Lamb, Caitlin             SR EP                    29-11.50      9.13m 
 10 Thibeault, Nina           FR Tolg                  29-11.00      9.11m 
                          Sullivan Division
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Ebert, Victoria           JR EWG                   43-09.75     13.35m 
  2 Wiggins, Veronica            TOL                   42-05.50     12.94m 
  3 Plant, Kendra             SR CUMB                  39-00.75     11.90m 
  4 irwin, katerina           JR CHAR                  36-09.00     11.20m 
  5 Pina, Briana              SR CUMB                  36-04.50     11.08m 
  6 Scott, Jordan             SR Lincoln               35-01.50     10.70m 
  7 Fogerty, Molly            SR CUMB                  35-00.25     10.67m 
  8 Radeka, Eliza             JR MB                    29-06.25      8.99m 
  9 DelaCruz, Rose            FR Cr East               27-00.25      8.23m 
 10 Gray, Katerina            SO Lincoln               26-10.75      8.19m
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