Coaching Roundtable: Chris Cralle Video Analysis

This is the first post in the new Coaching Roundtable series, which will bring together top coaches from the around the world to give their different perspectives on the same topic. The first roundtable brings together three of the top hammer coaches for a video analysis session. In addition, feel free to also leave your comments below. Subjects for the coaching roundtable are chosen exclusively among members of this site. The subject: US Olympic Trials runner-up Chris Cralle.


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8 replies
  1. James
    James says:

    Thanks so much Martin. Really helpful stuff. Derek Everly’s comentary in particular. And thanks to Chris Cralle for allowing himself to be disected so publicly.

    One question. From Michael Deyhle’s commentary: “0.Therefore the entry should be over the right side so the right hip can be initiated. The left side should also stay fixed;”
    Is this part of the “german” technique, with the big emphasis on the right side?

  2. Zach
    Zach says:

    Great stuff. I really like Derek’s coaching. He offers practical cues (a range of cues) and practical expectations of how these improvements will see themselves out, all the way t o a better throw in competition, which is what we all want. So many times in my experience, coaches start with 1.) “what’s wrong” and then stop. Two other key steps Derek does beautifully here: 2.) how to fix it 3.)what to expect from this change (feel, time to master, etc…) Great stuff.

    I’ve been talking to Tore a lot lately about double support – quantity vs. quality, and he has me re-thinking this goal of “as long as possible in double support”. I think what I really want is – most energy transferred per double support – maybe a topic for another time. Something you’ve touched on before if I remember right.


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