Headley Meet (RI) Results

Marthaline Cooper (Classical, Providence, RI) added nearly three feet to her personal best in a winning effort at the Headley Meet hosted by the Providence Career and Technical Academy on Thursday. Cooper, who entered the meet with a best of 53’4.50″, improved to 56’0″ and easily took the win. Teammate Alva Hicks (Classical, Providence, RI) also improved by just as much to place second.

                           Headley Meet
             Providence Career and Technical Academy
                          Providence, RI 
                         February 7, 2013
                    Girls Weight Throw (Top 20)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Cooper, Mathaline         SR Classical             56-00.00     17.06m 
  2 Hicks, Alva               SO Classical             50-03.50     15.32m 
  3 Mistowski, Leia           JR Narragansett          49-03.00     15.01m 
  4 Barrette, Destinee        SR Pilgrim               46-10.50     14.28m 
  5 O'Grady, Brianna          SR South Kingstown       45-10.00     13.97m 
  6 Cousens, Abby             SO Portsmouth            41-09.00     12.72m 
  7 Cooper, Victoria          SR Woonsocket            40-02.00     12.24m 
  8 Caron, Maddison           JR Pilgrim               40-01.00     12.21m 
  9 Alvarez, Leslie           SR West Warwick          39-07.50     12.07m 
 10 Nalle, Cheyanne           JR Woonsocket            38-11.75     11.88m 
 11 Carroll, Lauren           SR Classical             38-05.50     11.72m 
 12 Plant, Kendra             SR Cumberland            38-04.75     11.70m 
 13 Swanson, Lauren           SO East Greenwich        38-00.50     11.59m 
 14 Sanchez, Michelle         SR Pilgrim               37-10.50     11.54m 
 15 Malloy, Meagan            FR Smithfield            35-05.00     10.79m 
 16 Timpson, Carly            SO Narragansett          35-01.50     10.70m 
 17 Fogerty, Molly            SR Cumberland            34-05.50     10.50m 
 18 Pina, Briana              SR Cumberland            33-00.50     10.07m 
 19 Rochefort, Tara           SO Woonsocket            32-03.50      9.84m 
 20 Goretaya, Oksana          SR West Warwick          31-11.50      9.74m 
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