Rhode Island Indoor State Championships

Favorites Charlie Ionata (Barrington, RI) and Marthaline Cooper (Classical, Providence, RI) both took home state titles at the Rhode Island Indoor State Championships on Saturday. Ionata won by nearly four feet with his closest competition coming from teammate Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI). Kelly, who is just a sophomore, helped Barrington complete the 1-2 sweep by adding more than a foot to his personal best with a throw of 71’6″. Carlos Mangum (Central, Providence, RI) placed third.

Cooper also had a convincing win by more than three feet. Her best throw of 56’0″ also tied her personal best. Leia Mistowski (Narragansett, RI) threw a personal best of 52’6.75″ for second place to just barely beat Cooper’s teammate Alva Hicks (Classical, Providence, RI). Hicks also added two feet to her personal best with her best throw of 52’3.25″.

    Rhode Island High School Indoor Track & Field State Championship
         Providence Career & Technical Academy, Providence, RI                                 
                           Boys Weight Throw
State Record: # 81-08.75  2/20/2000   Josh Mc Caughey, Bishop Hendricken       
 Meet Record: % 81-08.75  2/20/2000   Josh Mc Caughey, Bishop Hendricken       
    Facility: @ 78-08.75  2/1/2013    Charlie Ionata, Barrington               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Charlie Ionata            SR Barrington            75-04.75     22.98m
  2 Adam Kelly                SO Barrington            71-06.00     21.79m
  3 Carlos Mangum             SR Central               69-06.00     21.18m
  4 Mahlik Handley            SR South Kingstown       67-10.75     20.69m
  5 Olusegun Vadis            JR Classical             65-00.75     19.83m
  6 Clarence Gallop           SR Central               64-02.75     19.57m
  7 Dylan Gardner             SR Pilgrim               63-07.50     19.39m 
  8 Cory Woodbine             SR Bishop Hendricken     60-09.50     18.52m 
  9 Brandon Amo               SR Bishop Hendricken     59-01.50     18.02m 
 10 Aaron Comery              SR Coventry              59-00.25     17.98m 
 11 Connor Fugere             JR Woonsocket            57-09.00     17.60m 
 12 Joe Colao                 SR Westerly              57-00.75     17.39m 
 13 Bryan Zapata              JR Hope                  56-11.25     17.35m 
 14 Joe Vincent               SR Bishop Hendricken     56-08.50     17.28m 
 15 Steve Lefebvre            SR La Salle              55-05.00     16.89m 
 16 Peter Golish              SR Pilgrim               54-10.00     16.71m 
 17 Brian Bianchi             SR West Warwick          50-00.00     15.24m 
 -- Kevin Conner              SR Pilgrim                   FOUL
                           Girls Weight Throw
State Record: #    62-02  3/3/2008    Victoria Flowers, Classical
 Meet Record: % 57-09.25  2/17/2008   Victoria Flowers, Classical
    Facility: @ 56-02.25  2/11/2011   Aleide Fernandes, Central Falls
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Mathaline Cooper          SR Classical             56-00.00     17.06m
  2 Leia Mistowski            JR Narragansett          52-06.75     16.02m
  3 Alva Hicks                SO Classical             52-03.25     15.93m
  4 Victoria Ebert            JR Exeter-West Greenwich 49-01.50     14.97m
  5 Destinee Barrette         SR Pilgrim               47-01.00     14.35m
  6 Bianca Donadio            JR Classical             46-07.50     14.21m
  7 Brianna O'Grady           SR South Kingstown       46-04.00     14.12m 
  8 Venetcia Ortiz            SR Central Falls         44-08.00     13.61m 
  9 Victoria Cooper           SR Woonsocket            41-02.00     12.54m 
 10 Maddison Caron            JR Pilgrim               40-02.75     12.26m 
 11 Abby Cousens              SO Portsmouth            38-11.25     11.86m 
 12 Lauren Swanson            SO East Greenwich        38-10.25     11.84m 
 13 Lauren Carroll            SR Classical             38-03.00     11.65m 
 14 Kendra Plant              SR Cumberland            37-10.00     11.53m 
 15 Cheyanne Nalle            JR Woonsocket            37-05.50     11.41m 
 16 Michelle Sanchez          SR Pilgrim               35-09.50     10.90m 
 17 Meagan Malloy             FR Smithfield            34-11.25     10.64m 
 18 Leslie Alvarez            SR West Warwick          32-04.50      9.86m 
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