Vern Gambetta

Ideas on Being a Coach

Coaching is not something you do, it something you are with every fiber of your being, there is no half way you must be all in. The journey is long and rewarding because of the opportunity to guide athletes in their development athletically and most importantly as people. Here are a few thoughts  and concepts that I have found to be valuable in my experiences from 44 years of coaching.

Philosophy – A philosophy is the cornerstone for everything you do. Be able to sum it up in one sentence.  My philosophy is quite simple: “The pursuit of excellence has it’s own rewards.”

Planning – Successful coaches have a daily detailed plan for their journey with built in landmarks to frequently assess their progress to goals.

Stability – You need to be a rock. Be steady and consistent. Maintain equilibrium, minimize the highs and lows and learn from failures as well as successes. Progress is not linear.

Focus & Refocus – With planning comes direction to focus on the plan. You need to know what to focus on, and then follow through with execution.

Flexibility – A good plan will be flexible enough to evolve as you progress, regress or stagnate. Ongoing honest assessment will enable you to adapt and be resilient to the emotional challenges that come with change.

Passion – Successful coaches always approach training with passion. You must love what you do and show that love.

Humility – Coaching by its very nature demands humility. The process of growing and developing athletes is a humbling experience. Acknowledge that you need help from others and seek it out, especially when trying to address your weaknesses.

Process Orientation – Take care of business along the way. Outcomes are dreams—the process is the route to the dream. Focus on the process all the way to the finish line and the outcome will take care of itself.

Balance – Keep perspective and maintain a balance, you and your family are first. Be true to yourself and who you are. Define yourself.

The Compass  – Have a working compass that is oriented to true north and use it for guidance constantly.

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