2013 World Youth Track and Field Trials Results

At the USATF World Youth Track and Field Trials held last week Colin Minor (South Brunswick, Southport, NC) and Nyla Woods (Henry W. Grady, Atlanta, GA) both won and in doing so qualified for the IAAF World Youth Championships held from the 10th to the 14th of July in Donetsk, Ukraine. The World Youth Championships is a competition for athletes born in 1996 and 1997. The competition is held with the international implements for this age group: the 5-kilogram hammer for boys and 3-kilogram hammer for girls.

                2013 World Youth Track & Field Trials
                             June 25, 2013

                         Edwardsville, Illinois
                          5k Hammer Throw Men
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Minor, Colin                 Unattached              69.53m     228-01
  2 Lydum, Maxfield              Unattached              68.95m     226-02
  3 Kelly, Adam                  Unattached              68.65m     225-03
  4 Ryan, Sean                   Unattached              65.40m     214-07
  5 Beene, Jacob                 Unattached              64.84m     212-09
  6 Eager, Brock                 Seatown Expr            64.46m     211-06
  7 Whitener, Charles            Throw1deep Club         62.30m     204-05
  8 Arcaro, Gabriel              Unattached              61.76m     202-07
  9 Patterson, Amir Ali          Trebuchet Fi            58.38m     191-06
 10 Yow, Michael                 Unattached              55.52m     182-02
 -- Brinson Jr, Kenneth          Throw1deep Club           FOUL
                           3k Hammer Throw Women
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Woods, Nyla                  Throw1deep Club         60.74m     199-03
  2 Showalter, Haley             Unattached              58.56m     192-01
  3 Thomas, Kelli                Throw1deep Club         55.13m     180-10
  4 Simmons, Bailey              Unattached              51.40m     168-08
  5 Vahoua, Andrea               Throw1deep Club         50.13m     164-06
  6 Donadio, Bianca              Unattached              49.62m     162-09
  7 O'Brine, Kayla               Unattached              46.31m     151-11
  8 Layko, Samantha              The Pride Tr            44.59m     146-03
  9 Collins-Luther, Cydnee       Throw1deep Club         43.19m     141-08
 -- Figueroa, Gabrielle          Unattached                FOUL
 -- Holmes-DiGiovine, Makenz     Arizona Elit              FOUL
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