A Video Introduction to Periodization

bonadrchuk_periodizationOver the past month 8 Weeks Out has released a four-part video introduction to the methods of Anatoli Bondarchuk that I filmed back in July. While Bondarchuk is best known within the world of track and field, his methods can be easily applied to other sports and this video series attempts to give a brief overview of some general concepts that can be applied to other sports. The first three parts, which I discussed two weeks ago, explain the “transfer of trainig” concept, Bondarchuk’s exercise classification system, and some examples of special developmental exercises for the hammer throw and other sports.

In the final episode I take a deeper look at how to put theory into practice by giving a little overview of periodization. Periodization takes elements from the exercise classification system, but also adds in elements from each athlete’s unique characteristics and the demands of their sport. I try to explain this by comparing two basic periodization models: block periodization and complex periodization. Complex periodization is what we use in the hammer throw, but it is important to remember that it is not necessarily what should be used for athletes in other sports, let alone other hammer throwers. Individual needs play a huge role in periodization. This is also why I spend more time writing about other concepts since periodization is the most likely to be taken out of context. Unlike many coaches, Bondarchuk does not prescribe the same thing for every athlete and this is why it is a bit dangerous to look at what we are doing and just copy it. I address this in the second half of the video through an informative Q&A session with 8 Weeks Out founder Joel Jamieson.


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