Last Chance to Apply for Youth Hammer Grants

The beginning of the indoor season is approaching, but there is an even more important date coming up: this is the last week for American youth hammer throwers to apply for a USATF Foundation Youth Hammer Grant.

The USATF Foundation’s Youth Hammer Throw Grant Program was started by Harold Connolly in 2005 to help promising youth athletes nationwide obtain the resources needed to become world class throwers. The funds raised by Harold helped pay for new equipment, travel to competitions, and attend clinics. Since 2005 the program has awarded more than $32,000 in training grants to 65 youth boys and girls across America thanks to generous donations from hammer throw supporters and the USATF Foundation. Here is the information you need to know to get in your last minute application.

Deadline: Applications are due on Saturday, November 30.

Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • United States citizenship
  • Male or female athletes born in 1996 or after
  • Competitor training in hammer throwing.
  • Registered USATF youth athlete

Grants: The monetary amounts and number of grants awarded are determined by the available balance in the USATF Youth Hammer Fund and the decision of the grants committee. Reimbursement requests must be for one of the following training categories:

  • Training equipment: competitive hammers, training hammers, wires, handles, throwing gloves, puds, throwing weights, hammer throwing shoes.
  • Travel, lodging, and meals for participating in competitions where the athlete competes in the hammer throw or weight throw.
  • Registration costs for participating in a clinic or camp where hammer throwing coaching is provided.
  • Entry fees for hammer throw/weight throw competitions.
  • Costs for the purchase of hammer throwing instructional digital or printed media.
  • Coaching Fees or Club Registration Fees Will Not Be Reimbursed.

Application: The application includes biographical and statistical information, a brief essay describing his/her hammer throwing goals, and a letter of support from the applicant’s coach or parent. Applications are now closed.

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