What I’ve Learned Over 15+ Years of Trying to “Eat Healthy”

Most people don’t know it, but I used to be a chubby kid. Like a 28% body fat, husky-jean wearing chubby kid. I used to be that kid that wore his t-shirt in the pool (like I was fooling anyone…) and a big highlight of my summer was defending my championship in the big splash contest at the local pool. Then, one random day in 7th grade P.E., we had the local performance academy guys bring some weights to our school and as cheesy as it sounds, my life was changed forever. I instantly fell in love with lifting weights and I used this new love of strength training to combat my bad diet for a few years, but it wasn’t until my last couple years in high school that I really dove into nutrition and began to see my body really change. My first day of college football in  August 2004, I weighed in at 204lbs and 7.6% body fat. To this day, I still maintain a body fat between 8-12% at a body weight of 240-250lbs.


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3 replies
  1. Deanna Jebelean
    Deanna Jebelean says:

    I laugh at people who try to tell me to eat Tilapia. If only people knew that Tilapia is farm grown and feeds off the poop of other fish. No omegas, fatty acids…nada. Salmon is the way to go!

    Great article.

  2. Beth Brootality
    Beth Brootality says:

    It’s sad that I read this after doing my own independent study (and being a fat kid myself) and wonder how this just isn’t common sense. But then I remember the cheesy phrase.. “Well common sense ain’t that common, now is it?!”

  3. Nick
    Nick says:

    Great article, with solid advice that clearly comes from years of personal experience. Check the labels folks.. fewer ingredients the better. If u see the word “hydrogenated”, if an ingredient looks like it belongs in a science text book, or if “sugar” is one the first 4 ingredients listed, dont buy it.


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