Millrose Games (NY) Results

James Leddy (St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY) added a foot and a half to his personal best to beat out his teammater Joseph Segreto (St. Anthony’s, South Huntington, NY). Both throwers got a home field advantage as the Millrose Games weight throw was held out at St. Anthony’s High School. Taniya Mitchell (Mt. Vernon, NY) won the girl’s competition and was just a quarter inch under her personal best.

                                MILLROSE GAMES
                          HIGH SCHOOL WEIGHT THROW
                         SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15, 2014
                          BOYS’ 25# WEIGHT THROW
1. James Leddy        SR  St. Anthony’s, S. Huntington, NY  67’01.50”
2. Joseph Segreto     SR  St. Anthony’s, S. Huntington, NY  65’08.75”
3. Eric Sheng         JR  Syosset, NY                       64’04.75”
4. Sean Ryan          SR  Babylon, NY                       61’11.00”
5. Dennis Russel      SR  Longwood, NY                      61’06.50”
                         GIRLS’ 20# WEIGHT THROW
1. Taniya Mitchell    SR  Mt. Vernon, NY                    52’01.50”
2. Monae Cooper       SO  New Rochelle, NY                  50’05.50”
3. Jessica Jeffrey    SO  New Rochelle, NY                  47’05.50”
4. Sochima Bishop     JR  New Rochelle, NY                  42’03.50”
5. Kristina Insigno   JR  Holy Trinity, Hicksville, NY      41’05.25”
6. Makena Thomas      SO  St. Anthony’s, S.Huntington, NY   37’02.50”
7. Misha St. Aubin    SR  Mt. Vernon, NY                    34’09.50”
8. Gloria Bauman      JR  Sacred Heart Acdy, Hempstead, NY  34’03.75”
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