New Balance Indoor Nationals (NY) Championship Division Results

Pre-meet favorite Gabby Figueroa (Austintown Fitch, Youngstown, OH) took home the win, but not without a fight. Nyla Woods (Henry W. Grady, Atlanta, GA) threw a big indoor personal best in the first round and nearly toped in on her third attempt. Entering the finals Woods was leading the competition, however immediately Figueroa improved and captured a two-foot lead. That was enough to win as Woods only managed those two legals throw.

Woods’s mark was nearly an eight foot indoor season’s best, however she has not competed much indoors this year. Last week she showed signs of great form as she broke 60 feet outdoors for the first time and her first throw made her just the second athlete this season to break the barrier indoors. But that almost was not enough to keep second place as a late charge by Mohogany Baker (Berry Academy of Tech., Charlotte, NC) brought her a four foot personal best in the final round that landed just inches short of Woods. Sabrina Gaitan (Sprayberry, Marietta, GA) finished in fourth with an indoor season’s best and Kamyrn Brinson (Marist, Atlanta, GA) placed fifth, giving the Throw1Deep Club another strong showing with three of the top five finishers. The one down side for the team was a subpar performance by Kelli Thomas (Luella, Locust Grove, GA) who entered the meet as a strong medal favorite but placed 20th after having foul trouble. Thankfully the outdoor season is starting soon and gives everyone a clean slate.

In the boys competition, Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) and Daniel Haugh (St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA) promised a great competition and they delivered. Both entered the meet undefeated this year, but only one could leave that way and that was Kelly. Kelly let from start to finish and his second round held on to win. Haugh struggled with fouls at the start, but was able to slowly work his way back. However he ended up six inches short of Kelly.

Logan Bryer (Genoa Area, OH) finished fourth in the shot put on Saturday and added a third place weight throw finish today. Kenneth Brinson (Marist, Atlanta, GA) jumped from seventh to fourth in the fifth round and held on there for the final round. Jeremy Franklin (Serra Gardena, CA) threw a big personal best after traveling from coast to coast. His first throw over 70-feet ever earned him fifth place.

              2014 New Balance Nationals Indoor - 3/16/2014        
                     New Balance Track & Field Center                     
                       at The Armory, New York, NY                        

Event 41  Boys Weight Throw Championship
        Meet:  92-07.50  3/14/2009   Conor Mc Cullough, Chaminade,W Hills, CA
     Name                        Year School                                
  1 Adam Kelly                15 Barrington, RI          23.70m   77-09.25
      22.14m  23.70m  FOUL  23.10m  22.69m  22.29m                        
  2 Daniel Haugh              14 Throw1Deep, GA          23.57m   77-04.00
      FOUL  FOUL  20.33m  22.63m  FOUL  23.57m                            
  3 Logan Bryer               14 Millbury, OH            22.47m   73-08.75
      FOUL  20.29m  FOUL  21.44m  22.47m  FOUL                            
  4 Kenneth Brinson           15 Throw1deep, GA          21.53m   70-07.75
      20.92m  FOUL  20.85m  19.13m  21.53m  FOUL                          
  5 Jeremy Franklin           14 Gardena, CA             21.48m   70-05.75
      20.59m  FOUL  21.48m  19.62m  20.99m  20.47m                        
  6 Thomas Vadis              14 Providence, RI          21.01m   68-11.25
      20.79m  FOUL  21.01m  18.97m  19.69m  20.80m                        
  7 Richard Delphin           14 Throw1Deep, GA          20.99m   68-10.50
      18.77m  20.04m  19.50m  20.99m  FOUL  18.99m                        
  8 Owen Russell              15 Attleboro, MA           20.56m   67-05.50
      19.20m  19.13m  20.53m  FOUL  FOUL  20.56m                          
  9 Joe Segreto               14 Oakdale, NY             20.29m   66-07.00
 10 Connor Fugere             14 Woonsocket, RI          19.56m   64-02.25
 11 Gabriel Arcaro            14 Burlington, MA          19.51m   64-00.25
 12 Maxfield Lydum            15 Independence, OR        19.12m   62-08.75
 13 Eric Sheng                15 Syosset, NY             19.02m   62-05.00
 14 Sean Ryan                 14 Babylon, NY             18.98m   62-03.25
 15 Chris Celona              14 North Providence, R     18.97m   62-03.00
 16 Bryan Zapata              14 Providence, RI          18.94m   62-01.75
 17 Nick Lane                 17 Bowling Green, OH       18.92m   62-01.00
 18 Stefan Balestra           14 Lincoln, RI             18.91m   62-00.50
 19 Edward Barber             14 Warwick, RI             18.26m   59-11.00
 20 Brandon Sicurella         14 Lancaster, NY           18.12m   59-05.50
 21 Michael Alvernaz          15 Barrington, RI          17.89m   58-08.50
 22 Marcus Vieira             15 Peabody, MA             17.40m   57-01.00
 23 Rob Alder                 14 Rome Free Tc-Ny-        17.02m   55-10.25
 24 Matthew Dutton            15 Peabody, MA             16.96m   55-07.75
 25 Joseph Mattson            14 Newport, RI             15.98m   52-05.25
 26 Anthony Santoro           14 South Glens Falls,      15.82m   51-11.00
 -- James Leddy               14 East Islip, NY            FOUL           
 -- Giovanni Gray             14 Lincoln, RI               FOUL           
 -- Robert Colantonio         16 Barrington, RI            FOUL           
 -- Nicholas Todaro           14 Mt. Vernon, NY            FOUL

Girls Weight Throw Championship                                                    
Ntl,Meet,Arm: N 68-02.50  3/12/2011   Shelby Ashe, St. Pius X, Atlanta, GA
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Gabrielle Figueroa        14 Austintown, OH          18.94m   62-01.75
      17.68m  FOUL  16.53m  18.94m  17.97m  FOUL                          
  2 Nyla Woods                14 Throw1deep, GA          18.30m   60-00.50
      18.30m  FOUL  18.27m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                              
  3 Mohogany Baker            14 28208, NC               18.22m   59-09.50
      16.94m  17.12m  15.92m  17.43m  15.27m  18.22m                      
  4 Sabrina Gaitan            15 Throw1deep, GA          17.29m   56-08.75
      16.45m  FOUL  16.10m  FOUL  16.28m  17.29m                          
  5 Kamryn Brinson            16 Throw1deep, GA          17.08m   56-00.50
      FOUL  FOUL  17.08m  16.29m  16.33m  16.64m                          
  6 Leia Mistowski            14 Narragansett, RI        16.67m   54-08.25
      15.92m  16.63m  15.58m  15.60m  16.18m  16.67m                      
  7 Monae Cooper              16 New Rochelle, NY        16.39m   53-09.25
      16.39m  15.41m  14.42m  FOUL  15.54m  15.01m                        
  8 McKenzie Kuehlewind       14 Lancaster, NY           16.14m   52-11.50
      15.25m  15.25m  15.06m  15.95m  15.23m  16.14m                      
  9 Andrea Vahoua             14 Throw1Deep, GA          15.13m   49-07.75
 10 Victoria Ebert            14 west greenwich, RI      14.69m   48-02.50
 11 Megan Malloy              16 Smithfield, RI          14.56m   47-09.25
 12 Bianca Donadio            14 providence, RI          14.36m   47-01.50
 13 Taniya Mitchell           14 Mt. Vernon, NY          14.32m   46-11.75
 14 Lysah Russell             16 Providence, RI          14.22m   46-08.00
 15 Danielle Borriello        14 Ellenville, NY          14.07m   46-02.00
 16 Tamia Crockett            15 Knoxville, TN           13.86m   45-05.75
 17 Jill Shippee              17 Clifton Park, NY        13.75m   45-01.50
 18 Mariah Mays               15 Rome, NY                13.71m   44-11.75
 19 Zharia Jeffries           15 Throw1Deep, GA          13.68m   44-10.75
 20 Kelli Thomas              14 Locust Grove, GA        13.63m   44-08.75
 21 Carly Timpson             15 Narragansett, RI        13.29m   43-07.25
 22 Elizabeth Tevnan          14 South Weymouth, MA      13.27m   43-06.50
 23 Lundy Spinner             15 Clifton Park, NY       J13.27m   43-06.50
 24 Alyssa Wilson             17 Jackson, NJ             13.22m   43-04.50
 25 Jacqueline Esmay          14 Warwick, RI             12.98m   42-07.00
 26 Jessica Jeffrey           16 Mount Vernon, NY        12.97m   42-06.75
 27 Lauren Swanson            15 East Greenwich, RI      12.57m   41-03.00
 28 Oluwafunmibi Yusuff       16 Providence, RI          12.32m   40-05.00
 29 Abby Cousens              15 Portsmouth, RI          12.18m   39-11.50
 30 Cheyanne Nalle            14 Woonsocket, RI          11.94m   39-02.25
 31 Kristina Insingo          15 Hicksville, NY          11.39m   37-04.50
 -- Alva Hicks                15 providence, RI            FOUL
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