Patience vs. Relaxation

It is easy to confuse patience with relaxing. They have much in common, but they can produce entirely different throws.

I used to always lump them together and still do sometimes. But I vividly remember on practice with Bondarchuk where he told me to be patient, perhaps for the millionth time. I responded curtly by saying “Yes, I know, I need to relax.” But rather than agreeing he raised his voice. “Patient! No relax!” I thought it was the language barrier at first, but then he made his point loud and clear. And after a few years away from him, he reminded me again when we met last week.


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2 replies
  1. ed burke
    ed burke says:

    just what I needed to read…. as I patiently await the USNational Masters Indoors… 🙂 thanks… ed


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