Throwing a flaming hammer with some teammates back in 2008.

Playing With Fire

We all love throwing hammers. And fire is pretty awesome too. Combine them together and you get a night of fun throwing flaming hammers.


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  1. Taylor Berliant
    Taylor Berliant says:

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, certainly alluded to with the throwing over a river thing. And I credit Nick Symmonds for the inspiration: when will someone make a non-sanctioned flaming hammer event? Like Symmonds’s logic with the beer mile: it’s got the views on youtube so that is where the interest lies. I wouldn’t pay to watch a bunch of people throw around 70m, but I would totally pay to watch a bunch of people throw 65m with a flaming hammer. Gas up the field so they randomly spark cool designs. Do it in the fall so people can bring their piles of leaves to get burned. Make it a spectacle.


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