Rhode Island Freshman State Championships Results

Jared Briere (Woonsocket, RI), Ivan Goretoy (West Warwick, RI), and Ernest Umoh (Classical, Providence, RI) went 1-2-3 with personal best throws to take the podium at the Rhode Island Freshman State Championships. It marked a strong end to the season for the next generation of top high school throwers. All three are ranked among the top four high school freshman in the nation. On the girl’s side Tenin Traore (Mt Pleasant, Providence, RI) won a close competition over Ani Armenakyan (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) to win the title. In fact, the top three were all within ten feet.

          Rhode Island Freshman State Championships
       Boys Freshman State Championships - 5/27/2014
        Conley Stadium - Mt Pleasant, Providence, RI
                Boys 12# Hammer Throw (Top 12)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Jared Briere              FR Woonsocket              178-09 
  2 Ivan Goretoy              FR West Warwick            162-01
  3 Ernest Umoh               FR Classical               150-03
  4 Raikwon Woodmansee        FR Woonsocket              135-01 
  5 Dilyn Cote                FR Woonsocket              131-04 
  6 Dan Thomas                FR Bishop Hendricken       126-04 
  7 Jacob Greenless           FR Woonsocket              123-03 
  8 Michael Charnley          FR Bishop Hendricken       115-06 
  9 Abraham Salako            FR Bishop Hendricken       111-07 
 10 Kevin Fofana              FR Classical               110-07 
 11 Connor Kennedy            FR North Kingstown         109-04 
 12 Peter Cavanagh            FR Bishop Hendricken       106-07 
           Girls’ Freshman State Championships- 5/27/2014                          
           East Greenwich High School, East Greenwich, RI                                 
                  Girls 4k Hammer Throw (Top 12)
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Tenin Traore              FR Mt Pleasant             104-00
  2 Ani Armenakyan            FR Toll Gate               101-04
  3 Molly Botts               FR Cranston East            95-11
  4 ElidiaSossa               FR Classical                92-05
  5 Hailey Nascimento         FR La Salle                 91-07 
  6 Jasmine Gallo-Fusco       FR Toll Gate                84-03 
  7 Alyssa Alarcona           FR Classical                79-09 
  8 McKenzie Starratt         FR Chariho                  79-02 
  8 Samantha Andrewsa         FR Lincoln                  79-02 
 10 Priyanka Bonifaz          FR Barrington               78-10 
 11 Nora D'Antuano            FR North Kingstown          78-05 
 12 Cassie Wahl               FR Chariho                  76-07 
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