This look says it all.

USAs Recap

Almost a week after competing in Sacramento, I find myself still annoyed by the result. Probably more so now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely happy to win a third title in four years. Avenging my inability to win last season due to injury. And honestly, the only objective was to win. Regardless of distance. Mission accomplished!

The Bad

This look says it all.

This look says it all.

Of course, that was sarcasm. I expected a couple meters better. And at the very least a season best. So yeah, I’m a little pissed it didn’t shake out the way I wanted. Mainly because regardless of how far I’m throwing, I have been able to tell with decent accuracy how far I’ll throw in competition. This ability has been inconsistent this season, and it is absolutely maddening. This is the first championship competition where I didn’t have a personal best or a season best. Nothing was working how it should have on meet day (much like this entire season.) I’m fortunate to have won. Me feeling good doesn’t mean 80m, It simply means I feel good.

The Good

Although I felt technically and physically awful, I threw 74m. It’s no secret we’re trying to get things right again, but we are getting closer. Earlier in the season when I felt this way in competition, it produced 71m throws. So progress is being made. And in this game, it’s all about the now, so as long as I’m improving, I’m happy(ish). I’m my own worst critic. So there’s literally nothing that can be said, that I haven’t already thought 1000x over. I’m hopeful we’ll find championship form again. By that I mean on the day, I can throw 79-80m. This result will often medal. And at this level, all that matters is what you do in major championships.

What’s Next?

July is quite a busy month for me. Edmonton is this Sunday. One of my favorite competitions all time, I’m looking forward to some good energy! Chicago is July 12, and to close out the month I will be at Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. I’m looking to reach a distance of 76-77m before heading to Europe in August/September. After that, it’s all about preparation for the next (and probably last) championship cycle of 2015, 2016 and 2017. A bit sad typing that bit . . .

Thank You’s

I can’t thank my club and sponsor enough. Faith goes a long way and I owe them tremendously. Also a big thank you to my friends and family! Love you guys

Happy throwing y’all!

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