Macro and Micro Changes

Change plays a central role in training. As Nick describes, you have to find the inflection points that let you know when you need to adopt new methods. Changing your approach too soon or too late will put you at risk of losing out to your competition, just as companies that are leaders one day can be gone the next (anyone remember Compaq computers?). You also have to know what new methods are worth changing for. Is it a passing fad, or a paradigm shift in the sport? But all these points look at change on the macro level.


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  1. […] The fallacy of thinking what did work will work again is big in both sports and business. One book that discusses this is Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company by former Intel CEO Andrew Grove. Nick wrote about the book as well as how to determine the “inflection point”, i.e. the time you need to change things as a coach. I also touched on the book in a post about macro and micro changes. […]

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