Wlodarczyk Breaks World Record

At the historic ISTAF meeting in Berlin today Anita Wlodarczyk did what everyone has been waiting for this month by breaking Betty Heidler’s world record and inching ever closer to the 80-meter barrier. Her best throw measured 79.58 meters, but perhaps even more impressive was that each of her attempts was legal and the average mark measured 78.15 meters! With only one loss this year, a world record, and a historic string of meets this month, Wlodarczyk is making her case for athlete of the year.

After the competition Wlodarczyk said “It is a great feeling to finally improve the world record. I was aiming for 80 metres and I know I am able to throw it.” We know that too. And with Rieti and the Continental Cup still coming up, maybe we will see that 80-meter throw finally. Too bad the Diamond League won’t allow the hammer throw. After watching their boring sprints last week, they are truly missing out.

Below you will find a collection of videos of Wlodarczyk starting with her record throw from today.

Solid Technique

Compared to Heidler and her rivals this season, it is clear that the results are not coming just from power, but from a combination of strength and technique. I had a chance to take a few throws with her before the Francophone Games last year. She was throwing the heavier 5-kilogram hammer, but handled it with ease. No current women has a double support phase that rivals her at the moment. I took some HD video from inside the cage that demonstrates this well.

European Title and 80m Foul for Wlodarczyk

Two weeks ago Wlodarczyk was in Zurich and utterly dominated a world class field. Her winning mark of 78.67 meters was a world leading throw and national record. It also moved her up to third on the all-time list despite rain and overall poor conditions that hindered everyone else. Her last throw was perhaps her most impressive. Already having secured the win she let out a monster throw that landed outside the sector and on the awards podium. After the competition it was measured at 80.35 meters.

No Injury This Time

This was Wlodarczyk’s third world record. She set her first world record in the same stadium at the 2009 World Championships in one of the most thrilling competitions in history. But her celebration didn’t turn out as well that time. This time she stayed on her feet.

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  1. Fred
    Fred says:

    And it is interesting that in each video, excluding the training video, the competition is taking place inside the stadium with obvious enthusiasm from the announcers, the crowd and the competitors. It is really shameful that the Diamond League spends more time and effort thinking of reasons to exclude the hammer than how to include it.


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