Introducing the HMMR Glove

I hate to get philosophical, but the glove is what connects a thrower to the hammer. Without a good feeling, the throw is gone. I used to make my own gloves, but they were never quite what I wanted and then I turned to some friends.

This spring I used one of Steve Bartholomew’s gloves and also did a giveaway. His introduction of the extra flap for heavy hammers was great, but I wanted something a little more special for the European Championships. I also wanted something special that would allow me to wear a watch and show off my sponsor Maurice Lacroix at the big event.

I worked with a friend in Seattle on a few handmade designs before we found a simple design that worked:


We produced a unique look that stands apart from all other hammer gloves. And not only does it have a cool and simple design, but already at the first training session it felt broken in. It worked perfectly with my resin too. With strong bison leather and secured by 550 parachute cord, I felt one with the hammer: protected and connected.

You can order the HMMR Glove at our store and with wires, resin, books, and other great products. Or you can simply order it below.

Order Now

Price: US $30.00

Shipping: At this time, gloves are only shipped within the US. Contact us if you are interested in an international order.

Note: Please select the hand the glove will be worn on (i.e. right handed throwers should purchase a left hand glove).

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