Top Hammer Throwers Make College Choices

With the early National Letter of Intent signing period taking place in November, many of the top high school athletes have already officially or unofficially announced their college decisions. The next signing period is not until 2015. Top returners Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) and Haley Showalter (Valor Christian, Highlands Ranch, CO) have both made their decision, as have many others.

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Last updated April 16, 2015. Please contact us if you have additional names to add to the list.

Name Class Rank
(End of 2014)
2014 Best School
Adam Kelly 1 223’05” Princeton University
Jacob Beene 2 220’00” University of Alabama
Owen Russell 3 216’10” Brown University
Kenneth Brinson 4 214’00” Army (Football)
Eric Sheng 5 213’02” University of Pennsylvania
Robert Landers 8 198’11” Ohio State University (Football)
James Eblin 11 192’11” University of Cincinnati
Nathan Bultman 12 191’07” Southern California
Mike Alvernaz 13 188’05” Troy University
Seth Whitener 14 187’02” University of Tennessee
Danny Andrews 23 175’10” The Citadel
Patrick Kunza 32 164’00” University of Missouri
Zack Gregory 35 158’09” Illinois State University
Evan McCracken 37 157’08” East Carolina University
Jamie Heinl 46 153’00” Williams College


Name Class Rank
(End of 2014)
2014 Rank School
Haley Showalter 1 193’04” University of Wisconsin
Alva Hicks 3 172’01” Wake Forest University
Jordan McClendon 4 160’07” Tulane University
Emelda Malm-Annan 5 185’02” University of Wyoming
Lauren Swanson 8 145’02” Northeastern University
Cecilya Johnson 10 144’01” University of Tulsa
Abby Cousens 13 141’05” Northeastern University
Savannah Marlow 16 138’11” University of Tennessee
Tamia Crockett 17 138’05” University of Missouri
Carly Timpson 18 138’00” Quinnipiac University
Maddy Mott 28 130’09” Brown University

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