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The first stops on the HMMR Media west coast tour took place over the weekend with stops in Los Angeles and Berkeley. It was quite an honor to present with Nick Garcia and Mo Saatara in front of nearly 50 attendees, especially since the audience included so many experienced and knowledgable coaches from all levels. We had coaches of professional athletes and Olympians at one of end of the spectrum and at the other end both the most successful high school coach and junior college coach in the country. Overall it was quite an impressive list of attendees, including:

  • 11 NCAA Division I Coaches;
  • 3 former Olympians that started in a total of 6 Olympics;
  • 3 former NCAA Champions with 5 NCAA titles; and
  • The leading American hammer thrower.

Click here to learn more and register for the upcoming HMMR Media Seattle seminar

If you missed out you still have one chance to jump in on the fun. I will be doing a more focused version of the seminar geared towards a more general audience on December 30th. Among the topics covered in the evening session will be:

  • Introduction and Basic Training Concepts (30 minutes): About my background and some basic training principles underlying Bondarchuk’s approach.
  • Transfer of Training and Special Strength (75 minutes): Specialization is one of the key basic training concepts and worth a deeper investigation. Whatever you call it (special strength, specific strength, etc.) the key is to transfer results from the weight room to the the sport you are training for, be it the hammer or football. But what is transfer of training? How do we measure it? How do we apply it? We will present this in three parts:
    • How to classify exercises for your sport;
    • How to select exercises; and
    • How to implement those exercises in a training plan.
  • Periodization (45 minutes): It’s not just about what exercises you use, but how you strategically use them over the long-term. We break down periodization into three parts:
    • A review of different periodization methods;
    • The basics of Bondarchuk’s periodization method; and
    • Implementing it in training.
  • Q&A

You can register online here. In the meantime, here are some photos from our last two events.

More of the action from yesterday. If you missed out, try and catch the next seminar in Seattle on the 30th.

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More gems of wisdom on data analysis from Nick Garcia at today's Berkeley seminar. #alwayslearning #trainsmart

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Great group today at Notre Dame in LA for the @hmmrmedia seminar. Next stop: Berkeley tomorrow.

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