Rhode Island Classic Results

The Rhode Island Classic took place over the weekend where the top throwers in northeast faced off in a team format. The top three results from each school were added together for a team rankings, with Barrington High School from Rhode Island winning convincingly thanks to the efforts of Adam Kelly, Bobby Colantonio and Mike Alvarez. Fresh off a personal best one week prior, Kelly again added two feet to his personal best by tossing a massive 82’08.75″ state record throw. On the girl’s side, New Rochelle High School from New York won a close competition over Classical High School from Providence, Rhode Island with less than ten feet separating the top four teams.

While no actual individual places were given, we have compiled the top individual performances over 50 feet for boys and 35 feet for girls.

        6th Annual Rhode Island Classic T&F Invitational
     Providence Career and Technical Academy, Providence, RI
                     Saturday December 27, 2014 

Team Results
Pl  Distance     School
1.  221-08.75    Barrington 
2.  158-11.00    Woonsocket  
3.  153.05.00    Classical "A" 
4.  141-01.50    Massapequa 
5.  137-02.50    Classical "B" 
6.  131-10.50    Bishop Hendricken 

Individual Results
Pl  Distance     Athlete           CL  School
1.  82-08.75 Adam Kelly            SR  Barrington, RI
2.  75-02.50 Bobby Colantonio      JR  Barrington, RI
3.  63-09.50 Mike Alvernaz         SR  Barrington, RI
4.  57-11.75 Jared Briere          SO  Woonsocket, RI
5.  56-06.75 John Putnam           SR  Massapequa, NY
6.  55-10.00 Thanadron Phenglee    SR  Classical, Providence, RI
7.  53-06.75 Anthony Danicher      SR  Classical, Providence, RI
8.  51-06.75 Dilyn Cote            SO  Woonsocket, RI


Team Results
Pl  Distance     School
1.  132-08.50    New Rochelle "A"
2.  128-06.00    Classical
3.  125-03.75    Bloomfield
4.  124-01.00    Toll Gate
5.  107-09.75    North Kingstown  
6.  104-03.00    New Rochelle "B" 

Individual Results
Pl  Distance     Athlete           CL  School
1.  49-08.75 Lysah Russell         JR  Classical, Providence, RI
2.  46-11.50 Danika  Okasia        SR  Bloomfield, CT
3.  45-11.25 Jessica Jeffrey       JR  New Rochelle, NY
4.  45-10.75 Courtney Jacobsen     JR  Toll Gate, Warwick, RI
5.  44-06.50 Faith Estelle         SR  Bloomfield, CT
6.  43-09.75 Oluafunmibi Yusuff    JR  Classical, Providence, RI
7.  43-09.00 Monae Cooper          JR  New Rochelle, NY
8.  43-01.50 Lauren Swanson        SR  East Greenwich, RI
9.  43-00.25 Sochima Bishop        SR  New Rochelle, NY
10. 40-11.25 Rebecca Dickinson     JR  North Kingstown, RI
10. 40-11.25 Paige Carmichael      JR  Toll Gate, Warwick, RI
12. 39-09.50 Allie Amazan          JR  New Rochelle, NY
13. 37-03.00 Ani Armenakyan        SO  Toll Gate, Warwick, RI
14. 36-04.25 Katerina Gray         SR  Lincoln, RI
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