GAIN VIII June 17 to 21, 2015

GAIN 2015 will take place June 17 to 21 at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

The program is open to sport coaches, conditioning coaches, physical education teachers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors.

Apply now and join a select group of professionals at GAIN. Go to to download the application form, submit your application now, enrollment is limited.

Tuition is $1,875 it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, room and a pair of ASICS shoes. Please call me at 941-378-1778 or email mail me at if you have any questions.

gain_2015Our goal is to define the field of Athletic Development by educating professionals in foundational principles and methodology as applied to coaching, physical education and rehabilitation. This program is intense, intellectually challenging and demanding. We combine theory and practice in a residential coaching school format. This is an opportunity to observe, participate, question, and explore the application of the Gambetta Method – Systematic Sport Development Model of training, teaching and injury rehabilitation.

The coaching school represents just a beginning of an incredible professional development opportunity. Attendees can continue to participate via the secure web site, and continue to attend the GAIN coaching school for the duration of their careers if they so choose. For those who have attended it has been a career changing experience.

The GAIN Faculty

We are very fortunate to have a faculty with a tremendous breath of experiences. These are professionals who have a track record of excellence in their chosen fields. They know how a performance team works, how all aspects of athletic development complement each other and most importantly they understand the process of developing athletes because they are working in the trenches everyday.

At GAIN we have three main areas of focus 1) Coaching & Athletic Development 2) Sports Medicine/Rehab 3) Physical Education. Our faculty is experts in each of these respective focus areas. The goal is foster connections and communication between all these areas to develop the best athlete possible.

Sport Science

  • David Epstein, Investigative reporter at ProPublica and author of NY Times best seller, The Sport Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance.


  • Vern Gambetta, Founder of GAIN Network, Currently Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems

Athletic Development

  • Jim Radcliffe, Head S&C Coach University of Oregon
  • Gary Winckler, Hall of Fame Track & Field Coach, Former assistant Canadian Olympic Track & Field Coach in 2012 and Head Women’s Track Coach at University of Illinois
  • Nick Garcia, Athletic Development Coach & Assistant Track Coach, Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California
  • Tracy Fober, Physical Therapist, Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach, US Ski & Snowboard Association.
  • Steve Magness, Head Cross Country and Assistant Track Coach University of Houston

Sports Medicine/Rehab

  • Ed Ryan, ATC Head Trainer US Women’s Olympic Basketball Team, Formerly Head of Sports Medicine at USOC
  • Randy Ballard, ATC Assistant Trainer, University of Illinois Working With Track & Field and Volleyball
  • Joe Przytula, ATC is the current Supervisor of Physical Education and Health, and athletic trainer with Elizabeth Public Schools, Elizabeth New Jersey USA.

Physical Education

  • Greg Thompson, Elementary Physical Education Teacher Farmington Michigan, Currently Athletic Development and Age Group Head Coach, Livonia City Soccer Club
  • Steve Myrland, District Performance Coach for Athletics, District Wellness Director Middleton Wisconsin School District

For more information and to apply for GAIN 2015 go to don’t miss this opportunity for professional advancement.

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