Armory Track Invitational (NY) Results

armory_inviteMixed in with the collegiate and professional action at the Armory this weekend were junior competitions in the weight throw. Eric Sheng (Syosset, NY) and Alva Hicks (Classical, Providence, RI). After a personal best from Monae Cooper (New Rochelle, NY), Hicks led narrowly throughout the competition before a big throw on her final attempt expanded the lead and closed in on her personal best. Sheng led from start to finish but again in the finals his competition narrowed the gap as Xavier Tyler (New Rochelle, NY) added six feet to his personal best for second place.

Armory Track Invitational
New Balance Track & Field Center - New York City, NY
January 30-31, 2015

Boys Weight Throw
    Name                    Year City                  Finals           
  1 Eric Sheng                SR Syosset, NY           65-07.75     20.01m
  2 Xavier Tyler              SR New Rochelle, NY      61-00.00     18.59m
  3 Lufti Pocesta             SR Staten Island, NY     58-11.25     17.96m
  4 Celestin Failey           SR Nanuet, NY            49-02.50     15.00m
  5 Jake Finkelstein          SR Massapequa, NY        48-08.25     14.84m

Girls Weight Throw
    Name                    Year City                  Finals           
  1 Alva Hicks                SR Providence, RI        55-03.50     16.85m
  2 Monae Cooper              JR New Rochelle, NY      52-00.50     15.86m
  3 Mariah Mays               SR Rome, NY              50-03.25     15.32m
  4 Courtney Jacobsen         JR Warwick, RI           50-02.00     15.29m
  5 Jill Shippee              SO Clifton Park, NY      48-09.00     14.86m
  6 Danika Okasia             SR Bloomfield, CT        48-08.25     14.84m
  7 Faith Estelle             SR Bloomfield, CT        45-06.50     13.88m
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