California High School Indoor Invitational Results

There were some outstanding results on Monday morning at the California High School Indoor Invitational. The unofficial state indoor championship also marks the first indoor meet of the season for California throwers. Tyler Merkley (Los Osos, Alta Loma, CA) led five throwers over 60-feet with a winning throw of 69’8″, while Emelda Malm-Annan (Elk Grove, CA) took the girl’s title with a throw of 50’7″.

      California High School Indoor Invitational - 2/15/2015 to 2/16/2015      
                               Run For the Dream                               
                         Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA                          

Boys Weight Throw 25#
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Merkley, Tyler            SR Los Osos TC           69-08.00     21.23m 
  2 Tofanelli, Steven         SR Elk Grove TC          64-02.50     19.57m 
  3 Bocancea, Silviu          JR Corona del MarTC      62-05.50     19.03m 
  4 Pertusati, Michael        SR Los Osos TC           61-11.00     18.87m 
  5 Godsil, Marshall          SR Bellamine PrepTC      60-10.50     18.55m 
  6 Root, Michael             JR Oak Ridge TC          59-11.50     18.27m 
  7 Doughty, Wyatt            SR Del Campo TC          58-04.00     17.78m 
  8 Cornellio, Jacob          JR Elk Grove TC          58-02.50     17.74m 
  9 Lenford, Charles          JR Oceanside TC          55-04.50     16.87m 
 10 Ng, Patrick               SR James Logan TC        55-02.50     16.82m 
 11 Hamilton, Trevor          SR Del Campo TC          52-03.50     15.93m       
 12 Holt, Cody                SR Elk Grove TC          50-11.50     15.53m      
 13 Crane, Mason              SO Corona del MarTC      49-03.50     15.02m        
 14 Hutchison, Andrew         JR Nipomo TC             46-03.50     14.10m  
 14 Caklovic, Peter           SR Los Osos TC           46-03.50     14.10m       
 16 Oreo, Nico                JR James Logan TC        35-06.00     10.82m  
 17 Buck, Dagne'              FR Whitney TC            34-10.50     10.62m         
 18 Moran, Robert             JR Nipomo TC             25-10.50      7.88m       
 -- Shiff, Sebastian          JR La Salle TC               FOUL                   
 -- Linnebur, Hayden          JR Kimball TC                FOUL            

Girls Weight Throw 20#
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Malm-Annan, Emelda        SR Monterey Trails       50-07.00     15.41m 
  2 Chappel, Hannah           JR Oakdale TC            47-02.50     14.38m 
  3 Marini, Isabella          SR Elk Grove TC          43-00.00     13.10m 
  4 McCkain, Caitlin          JR Kimball TC            40-05.00     12.31m 
  5 Holt, Madison             SO Elk Grove TC          37-04.50     11.39m 
  6 Tanner, Kai               JR Oakdale TC            36-01.00     10.99m 
  7 Moren, Cerah              SO Pitman TC             35-01.00     10.69m 
  8 Brock, Haley              SR Pitman TC             31-03.00      9.52m 
  9 Patterson, Alladia        SO Louisville TC         30-05.50      9.28m 
 10 Donovan, Emily            SO El Camino TC          23-01.50      7.04m 
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