Rhode Island Boys Class Championships Results

Meet records and impressive results were all over the place at the a Rhode Island Class a Championships on Saturday. Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) was once again a winner and took home the Class B title, however he faced closed competition in teammate Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) who was the closest to him since he handed Kelly he only loss at the first meet of the season in December. Both athletes were also over the meet record. Another meet record fell in Class C as Owen Russell (Moses Brown, Providence, RI). After a big personal best last week, Russell added more than three feet to his personal best again on Saturday. Francy Mata (Mt. Pleasant, Providence, RI) also won Class A in a very close competition.

                                                      SATURDAY  FEBRUARY 7, 2015

 Boys Weight Throw Class A
Meet Record: @ 76-11.75  2/6/1999    Jacob Freeman, Bishop Hendricken        
  2014 Champ:      64-05  2/1/2014    Connor Fugere, Woonsocket               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals          
  1 Mata, Francy              SR Mt. Pleasant          61-11.50     18.88m
  2 Briere, Jared             SO Woonsocket            60-01.00     18.31m
  3 Olson, Shane              JR Bishop Hendricken     54-04.00     16.56m
  4 Silva, Tyrone             JR Central               54-01.50     16.49m
  5 Matos, Adrian             SO Central               53-01.50     16.19m
  6 Cote, Dilyn               SO Woonsocket            53-00.00     16.15m
  7 Coppolino, Michael        JR Cumberland            51-08.00     15.74m
  8 Greenless, Jacob          SO Woonsocket            50-05.25     15.37m
  9 Vallee, Glen              JR North Kingstown       49-03.25     15.01m
 10 Velez, Marvin             JR Central               48-10.50     14.89m
 11 Peyerya, Julien           SR Mt. Pleasant          47-09.50     14.56m
 12 Croteau, Timothy          SR North Kingstown       47-05.50     14.46m
 13 Akindolie, Joshua         SR Hope                  46-05.25     14.15m
 14 Leveillee, Andrew         SR Bishop Hendricken     45-11.00     13.99m
 15 Seonwoo, Eunki            JR Bishop Hendricken     45-10.50     13.98m
 16 Hunt, Daniel              SR Cumberland            45-03.00     13.79m
 17 Harris, Jody              JR Central               45-02.00     13.76m
 18 Kennedy, Connor           SO North Kingstown       36-11.25     11.25m

Boys Weight Throw Class B
Meet Record: @ 75-09.75  2/1/2014    Adam Kelly, Barrington HS-RI            
  2014 Champ:   75-09.75  2/1/2014    Adam Kelly, Barrington HS-RI            
    Name                    Year School                  Finals          
  1 Kelly, Adam               SR Barrington            77-06.75@    23.64m
  2 Colantonio, Bobby         JR Barrington            76-02.50@    23.22m
  3 Alvernaz, Mike            SR Barrington            65-01.75     19.85m
  4 Yang, Jacob               SR Pilgrim               56-10.00     17.32m
  5 Phenglee, Thanadron       SR Classical             56-06.50     17.23m
  6 Heinl, Jamie              SR Barrington            55-09.75     17.01m
  7 O'Neill, Matt             SR South Kingstown       54-06.75     16.63m
  8 Taylor, Joesph            SR Lincoln               52-10.75     16.12m
  9 Danicher, Anthony         SR Classical             51-08.50     15.76m
 10 decosta, david            SR West Warwick          51-07.75     15.74m
 11 Neilson, Nick             SR South Kingstown       51-03.00     15.62m
 12 Goretoy, Ivan             SO West Warwick          50-05.75     15.38m
 13 Fontaine, Lukas           SR Pilgrim               48-02.00     14.68m
 14 Bonia, Alexis             SR Classical             48-01.50     14.66m
 15 Akoiwala, Corvah          SR Classical             46-10.75     14.29m
 16 Lafond Jr., Homer         JR Lincoln               44-01.75     13.45m
 17 Borges, Joseph            SR Pilgrim               41-01.25     12.52m

 Boys Weight Throw Class C
Meet Record: @ 74-00.25  2/11/2012   Joseph Velez, Classical                 
  2014 Champ:   68-10.50  2/1/2014    Owen Russell, Moses Brown               
    Name                    Year School                  Finals          
  1 Russell, Owen             SR Moses Brown           75-08.25@    23.06m
  2 Dominguez, Alexis         SR Central Falls         48-03.50     14.71m
  3 Chapman, Johnathan        SR Rogers                48-02.75     14.70m
  4 Ford, Collin              JR Middletown           X45-09.25     13.95m
  5 Mc Cray, Zack             SO Rogers                43-04.25     13.21m
  6 Straka, Chris             JR Rogers                42-01.50     12.83m
  7 Waranis, Lance            SO Narragansett          39-05.50     12.02m
  8 Fontes, Christopher       JR Central Falls         37-06.00     11.43m
  9 Schroeter, Kegan          FR Narragansett          37-04.75     11.39m
 10 Stewart, Darius           SR St. Raphael           36-02.75     11.04m
 11 Dominguez, Yanzel         FR Central Falls         35-08.50     10.88m
 12 Settipane, Calvin         SO Moses Brown           35-02.75     10.73m
 13 Carson, Anthony           SO Rogers                34-05.00     10.49m
 14 Reynolds, Nicholas        SO Warwick Vets          34-03.00     10.43m
 15 Strain, Tyler             FR Narragansett          33-10.00     10.31m
 16 Duhaime, Chris            SO Ponaganset            33-07.50     10.24m
 17 Luisi, Ryan               SO Mt.St.Charles         31-02.00      9.49m
 -- Lavoie, Dan               FR Ponaganset                  ND           
 -- Rolleri, James            SR Mt.St.Charles               ND           
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