The 2015 Indoor Season in Numbers

Bob Gourley’s final national performance lists for the 2015 indoor season were released last week and provided a good overview of what a remarkable season it was. To start with, the number of athletes qualifying for the national performance list spiked this year. Over the previous your years the number of boys over 50 feet and girls over 35 feet had reached a relative plateau, but this year saw 23% more athletes qualify for the national list.

  Boys Girls
2015 National List Qualifiers 164 191
Percentage Increase Over 2014 18.8% 27.3%

With a new state record by Adam Kelly this year, results out of Rhode Island were as strong as ever. However the uptick in throwers can be mostly attributed to further growth in nontraditional weight throwing states. Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and California were all among states that featured the weight throw at indoor state championships this year. Even though participation in indoor track nationwide lags behind outdoor track, the number of states represented on the national performance list matched the historic number reached last outdoor season.

  Boys Girls Total
Number of States Representation on 2015 National Performance List 20 26 28

But the biggest news came out of New York, where a state with an established throwing base included the weight for the first time at the indoor state championships. As a result, New York had more athletes on the national performance lists than any other state. Below are the five state with the most boys and girls qualifiers for the national list.

Rank Boys (Qualifiers) Girls (Qualifiers)
1 New York (37) New York (42)
2 Rhode Island (32) Rhode Island (39)
3 Ohio (32) Ohio (33)
4 California (14) Georgia (14)
5 Georgia (12) California (7)

Not only was there more quantity, but also more quality. The number of boys over 70 feet more than doubled when compared to last season. Both boys and girls at intermediate and elite levels continued the five-year growth trend:


Note: In addition to indoor performances, the statistics presented above include marks obtained with the outdoor weight throw.

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