USATF Junior Championships (OR) Men’s Results

Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) and Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) have been battling it out all season long. On Saturday they face tougher competition at the USATF Junior National Championships including Colin Minor and Brock Eager, both top five high school throwers from last season who have moved on to college.

usatf_juniorColantonio removed a bit of the drama from the competition by launching a first round personal best of 70.85 meters. That mark ranks him as the sixth on the all-time US junior list and was good enough to hold on for the win. Colantonio still has two more years as a junior and is actually eligible to compete at this year’s World Youth (under 18) Championship in Colombia. He will be looking to qualify for that at next week’s USATF Youth Championship.

Kelly produced three of the four furthest throws in the competition, but had to settle for silver to go along with his New Balance Nationals victory last week. Eager placed third and fourth went to Logan Bryer, who ranked just 17th best high schooler in the country last year but made great strides his first year at the University of Kentucky.

High school throwers accounted for five of the top ten finishers. Tyler Merkley (Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga, CA) finished in sixth just ahead of Jacob Beene (Gilbert, AZ). Rounding out the top 10 was local thrower Max Lydum (Central, Independence, OR).

USATF Junior Championships
June 27, 2015
Hayward Field, Eugene, Ore.

Junior Men's Hammer Throw
    American Jr Record: 80.79m 7/25/2010 Conor McCullough
    Jr Meet Record: 78.28m 2010 68.12m Conor McCullough
    Name                         Team                  Finals
  1 Robert Colantonio            Unattached            70.85m
  2 Adam Kelly                   Unattached            69.67m
  3 Brock Eager                  Washington State      67.37m	
  4 Logan Bryer                  Kentucky              66.98m
  5 Colin Minor                  Dartmouth             65.76m	
  6 Tyler Merkley                Unattached            64.58m
  7 Jacob Beene                  Unattached            63.71m
  8 Alan McFarland               Florida               62.53m	
  9 Gabriel Arcaro               Princeton             61.07m
 10 Maxfield Lydum               Unattached            59.58m
 11 Erick Loomis                 Unattached            57.75m
 12 Michael Yow                  Unattached            53.59m
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    • Martin Bingisser
      Martin Bingisser says:

      Here’s the unofficial junior 6kg all-time list:

      1. 80.79 Conor McCullough 7/25/10
      2. 76.92 Walter Henning 7/12/08
      3. 75.89 Rudy Winkler 7/2/13
      4. 73.52 Alec Faldemeyer 6/24/11
      5. 71.43 Nick Owens 6/25/04
      6. 70.85 Bobby Colantonio 6/27/15
      7. 70.29 Justin Welch 6/25/10
      8. 70.20 Adam Kelly 5/9/15
      9. 70.08 Matthias Tayala 6/7/12
      10. 69.93 Charles Ionata 7/24/14

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