Training Talk with Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk

I’ve done training talks with dozens of the best coaches and athletes around the world. But while I talk to him often about training, I have yet to sit down for a training talk with the one man that has influence my thoughts on training the most: my coach for ten year Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk. Part of the reason is that I am now more interested in learning new viewpoints. Another reason is that answering the same old questions can frustrate the old man. But with the help of Yosef Johnson and Jake Jensen I was finally able to get him on the record about some questions are of interest to myself and should be of interest to coaches from any sport.


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2 replies
  1. Scott Weiser
    Scott Weiser says:

    Great interview Martin (as I would expect). Its important to note that Dr. B was EDUCATED to coach. Not just certification exams, but many years. Coaches were held to a much different standard than the US/North America. For him to speak on a position of authority cause he coaches some good people is not the only leg he has to stand on. You asked the right questions a thrower would ask. I like how he noted that a coach must be able to admit that he is wrong and always be searching to confirm or deny the validity of his own methods. Not necessarily self-critical, but self-analytical.


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