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Velocity-based based training has been around for decades, but the topic is starting to gain some steam as new technologies become cheaper and also provide easier access to data. As a result research and practical usage is moving so fast it is hard to keep up with.

As Vern says, you have to train fast to be fast. Now we have better ways to quantify that. I have written about velocity-based training before and a different approach to it that I use. We also plan to discuss it on upcoming podcast episodes and have a few guests on so we can learn more about it. But we also want to learn from you and your ideas. How do you use velocity metrics in training? Or how would you use them if you had a device? What are you measuring? How do does the data impact your planning? What outputs are you looking for? How does that help you train better?

As an added bonus, our new podcast sponsor PUSH is letting us give away a wearable measurement device to the submission we find the most interesting. So let us know your ideas by the end of the month. We look forward to an interesting exchange of ideas.

“Train fast to be fast.”

What is Push?

PUSH is not your average wearable device. The patent-pending PUSH Band doesn’t track steps, sleep, eating habits, or calories gained or lost, but instead provides scientifically-validated measurements of power and velocity, the most important elements in training for any sport where you need to move fast. Extremely light weight, affordable, and easy smart phone connectivity allow you to integrate it into training without a headache. Plus the online portal allows quick access and data analysis. Learn more about PUSH here.


  • How to Enter: Tell us how you are using velocity measurements in training, or how you would use them if you had access to the technology.
  • Where to Enter: Submit your ideas to
  • Deadline: September 30, 2015
  • Judging: Nick and I will read all submissions and decided a winner based on which idea seems to be the most innovative use for velocity metrics in training.
  • Fine Print: We reserve the right to republish all or portions of your submission. If you are chosen as a winner you may also be invited to join us on the HMMR Media Podcast.
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  1. Sofiane Cirat
    Sofiane Cirat says:

    To Push Strength
    It’s great product. Just, as a consumer, I would love to see the automatic start of a rep feature enable ( using the sensor ), instead of manually start and stop the stopwatch on each rep. Also, allowing and facilitating the access of the web portal, for the users to view their performances and achievements, and comparing it to other users, will generate more social network like environment phenomenon , where for example users could open virtual competition groups to keep the fire going on.
    I think that’s it for now. I’d there’s anything i’ll post it on facebook.


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