Episode 23: What’s The Cost? (with Buddy Morris)

Knowing where you are going as a coach is essential, but you also have to know how you are going to get there. For example NFL players need to be explosive and need to train explosivity. But how should they do that? Olympic lifting? Jumping? Medicine ball work? Something else? Each method has its benefit, but they all come with costs too and as a coach you have to search for the ways to get the most benefit for the lowest price. And on this week’s episode we start by taking a look at this analysis with Arizona Cardinals strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris.

buddy_morrisBut this is not the only topic we discussed. Buddy is full of energy and passion and open to sharing all details of his training, so we used the chance to talk about his general approach to selecting exercises, training for a sport with a complex array of movements, his general methodology, the role of the nervous system in training, and balancing the needs of the athletes with the limitations placed of his role.

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Further Reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • First off, we can highly recommend the eBook he cowrote with Ryan Williams called American Football Physical Preparation. He has a video with the same name available over on the BioForce Project with more than five hours of content on many of the themes we discussed and more.
  • Vern Gambetta took a detailed look at the use of Olympic lifts to develop power in an article from April.
  • Obviously Olympic lifts develop power, but as Buddy discussed they come with some costs such as the time required to teach technique and the impact on the body. This cost benefit analysis is similar to what Bondarchuk did regarding full squats for his throwers, the topic of our first podcast.
  • In talking about learning, Buddy mentioned his strategy for hiring assistants that he can learn from. One of his assistants while working for the Cleveland Browns was Tom Myslinki, who I did a training talk with a few years ago.
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