My 2015 Books of the Year

As regular readers of this blog you know I am a voracious reader. This year so far (The year is not done yet) I have read 123 books. If I am not on plane traveling or coaching I am usually reading. This is a habit instilled in me by my mother with weekly trips to the library when I was just starting to read. My interests are quite eclectic as you can see by my list. They appear in rank order but after the first three they are pretty much equal.

This year my top book is a book on training. It is a real game changer in my opinion. My friend and professional colleague Frans Bosch wrote it. Frans has never been afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. You may not agree 100% with his concepts but this book will wake you up and make you think. Over the next few months I plan on writing more about the application of the ideas and concepts he presents in his book as well as interviewing some of those coaches who have applied the methodology.

Book of the Year

bosch_strength_trainingStrength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach

by Frans Bosch

Top Picks

Recommended Reads

The next eight are:

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